Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Once Upon a Valentine


It has been a long time that I wanted to say what I feel;
A long time that I have hidden all the feelings in my heart.
Whenever I see you and am near you
You just don’t know how much I have to force myself,
to stay calm and act as I normally do.

Even if I love you, even though I feel it
Deep Inside me, I wasn’t brave enough
Now February is fast approaching, the “Love Month” as they call it.
 Where you can see couples walking sweetly
Exchanging sweet smiles and gestures.
 They look so happy and gay on Valentine’s Day.

While here I am so alone and lonely
Just staring at sweet couples passing by
I feel sorry for myself because I can’t reveal
 to anyone my true feelings for you.

Then from a distant I saw a boy professing his love to a girl
 I now understand the true meaning of love.
It’s being brave to show and say what you really feel.

So this Valentine’s Day
I will say what I really feel for you
I don’t mind what you will say or do
I just want to be free from this feeling inside of me

I will wait for this Valentine’s Day to come.
Surely I will say what’s in my heart
Hope you will accept it and be my Sweet Valentine

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