Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Ruminating...

Just Ruminating...

I can say I am in a farouche mood today,
trying to fletcherize my thoughts,
if that is possible at all.

But estivating in my room,
due to conjunctivitis,
propels me to experiment
with these highfalutin words
that I fail to comprehend myself.

It feels great just to play with them.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Friday, December 3, 2010

What Happens When Commitment in Marriage is One-sided?

What Happens When Commitment in Marriage is One-sided?

Love is consummated in marriage but marriage will not last when commitment is only one-sided. This is because a marriage is a relationship that requires full commitment and dedication, not only by one person, but by the two persons involved.

That is precisely the reason why persons in marriages are often called "couples" because they have to operate as a couple.

Marriage is likened to a seesaw; if only one person is in it, it would not go up and down; or a chess game with only one player. One can go on for a while but after sometime, it would be useless to do so as it is supposed to be done by two persons.

This lack of commitment of one of the couples will affect these different categories:

1. Emotional stability

This can never be achieved when one of the couples is not committed. Emotional stability occurs with the development of the relationship over a period of time spent together. Emotional attachments are the capital gain in this category.

2. Trust and confidence

Unfaithfulness happens when there is a lack of commitment with any of the couples. A lack of commitment signifies that the person still wants to be free to look for another partner. Trust and confidence then will suffer because of this. When a person truly loves someone, he is willing to commit to the relationship.

3. Building a family

A family is not only composed of the father, mother and the children but it is also concerned about the dedication and commitment of both parents to parenting and nurturing the proper growth and development of their children.

4. Financial stability

Both couples should share in this responsibility. Having only one partner concerned about this aspect will cause chaos, financial instability and great misunderstandings between couples. Many marriages failed because of financial disagreements and problems.

5. Nurturing the love

Love can never take deep roots when only one person is committed. Love is like a plant that has to be nurtured and taken cared of. Without the constant care and concern of each of the couples in a marriage, the love will corrode and the union will bound to fail.

Love is always a two - way traffic, involving two persons who are willing to make a commitment. Marriage is love being consummated.

Love in marriage is a must. It has to be requited and returned back or it will never prosper, and without commitment, love will dry like a withering leaf never to turn green again.

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