Saturday, August 24, 2019

Kalinga Musical Instruments

This is one of the incredible musical instruments that Kalingas have. Not one current musical instrument can duplicate its sound, nowadays.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Flowers are Always Sights to Behold, Free Pictures of Flowers

 The sight of beautiful flowers can lend peace and quiet to a restless soul.

It can console a weary person,

It can give happiness to a sad spirit.

And it can bring you to heights of unrivaled artistry.

That's what flowers are all about.

God is so wise to have created flowers for us!

I am always in awe of flowers. Here are various pictures of them. Feel free to use them, but please give credit to this site. Thank you.

Thanks Fe and Mike Potter for these beautiful flowers!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

BTS Comeback Trailer, Map of the Soul Persona by RM (Kim Namjoon)

Barely 8 hours from being uploaded. the hard hitting BTS' comeback trailer has already gained more than 8 million views, and more than 2 million 'likes'.

Kim Namjoon, also called RM, leader of BTS boy band

The CD has also pre-sold more than 2.6 million on Amazon, without fans not knowing the contents, the music, or what it looked liked. The BTS album will be released on April 12, 2019.

It's a phenomenon that only BTS' fandom ARMY can accomplish. In this video, RM raps on point and discusses the question, "Who am I?" using philosophical premises.

Once again, BTS came up with not just powerful rapping and music, but also concepts that would allow listeners to contemplate on.

Watch the trailer of 'Map of the Soul; Persona' below and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Divorce Poem

Don’t you think our divorce is inconsequential?

A piece of paper that proved providential.

You agreed to marry because of your inheritance.

I agreed to it because of my parents’ circumstance.

Now, you got your pot of gold and inheritance.

My parents are now living too in affluence.

We no longer need to put up an appearance.

We both got what we bargained for, in advance.

I plead my cause though and take this chance,

to admit I love you, sans the weedy alliance.

Is there a vestige you feel the same romance?

If yes, then let’s wish our divorce good riddance.

Chief Vestal.jpg
By G. Ferrero, The Women of the Caesars, New York, 1911., Public Domain, Link

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Role of Vestal Virgins

Introduced by King Numa Pompilius during his reign from 715-673 BC, the Vestal Virgins were considered the priestesses of Vesta, the hearth goddess. These 6-10 year old vestal virgins were selected from Roman noble families.

Vestal Virgins

 During the time of Emperor Augustus, however, they were selected by lot. Vestal Virgins were required to maintain their chastity up to the age of thirty. After thirty, they could marry or retire. In cases where they break their vows, they were buried alive because it was unlawful to spill their blood.

Major role

The major role of these priestesses was to keep the sacred fire of Vesta’s shrine burning. It was believed that through the rituals and chastity of the Vestal Virgins, Rome would remain safe, stable and free from political turmoil. They acted as guardians to Rome’s well-being. Aside from this primary role, the Vestal Virgins were also tasked to perform the following roles.

Person of power and influence

Vestals figured significantly in Ancient Rome and were some of the most powerful and influential persons. As such, they were in-charge of keeping wills and legal documents of emperors and statesmen. This was because of their unblemished integrity and character. They guarded sacred objects in the temple and were tasked to make mola salsa, a unique kind of flour sprinkled on all offerings to gods, during the Festival of Vestalia.

Vestal Virgins were also highly regarded by even the highest Roman officials, hence, they occupied seats of honor during events; they bought and owned lands without a male guardian, and they had the privilege to ride in a special two-wheeled carriage called the carpentum.

They were granted the power to free slaves or condemned persons and were given the privilege to provide evidence without the customary oath, as well. Romans celebrated the Festival of Vestalia every 7th until the 15th of June, with the Vestal being honored as a powerful entity.

Other punishments

Earlier records revealed that Vestals who lost their virginity, were whipped to death. When the sacred fire was extinguished, Romans believed that the Vestal Virgins had violated their vows of chastity or that they had neglected their duty, so they punished them by whipping or burying them alive in Campus Sceleratus (Evil Fields), an underground small area, with a meager amount of food and water.

The College of Vestals was disbanded in 394 by order of Emperor Flavius Theodosius Augustus, who reigned from 379 to 395. Also known as Theodosius the Great, the emperor had destroyed pagan temples, including the Vestal shrines. The last chief Vestal recorded was Coelia Concordia in 380. The Vestal Virgins were part of the fascinating history of the Roman Empire.