Saturday, June 25, 2011

This Love...

This love is like a fountain, undaunted and unfeigned.

It wafts through closed door awnings and shouts in purple paint.

It’s flighty as a butterfly, but only when in the doldrums.

It soars up in the sky amidst the rainbow’s vibrant columns.

Image Credit: Dia Leonardo

This love is like a turtle, so slow but oh so sure.

It creeps in virgin forests and washes away the burr.

It shines like brilliant light rays, amidst the sparkling rains.

It warms like ginger-clover to compliment sand’s grains.



I touch your face and shiver at the pleasant sensation.

Your warm, carefree and happy disposition,

has always made my day without a question.

I want to stay with you my whole life through.

And bask in your refuge and umbra too.

And spend the long and lonely days with you.


Monday, June 20, 2011

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Parts of Japan unaffected by radiation: Image Credit: Dia Leonardo

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love Note to the Best Father in the World during Father’s Day

This is a love note to the Best Father in the World during Father’s Day.
It is late I know, as usual, and   you’re not surprised, I can surmise.
That’s me, your daughter, always   late and not willing to compromise.
But Papa, in my heart, my love for you   is the deepest.         
Because  for  me  in   the  whole  wide  world, you’re  the best.

This is a love note to the Best Father in the World   during Father’s Day.
You have never left my side when I was young and silly.
And even now that I’m an adult, you still put up with my iniquity
You’d tweak my nose when I cry and would make me smile.
Still trudge with me amidst your wobbling knees and walk a mile.

This is a love note to the Best Father in the World during Father’s Day.
Your gentle ways  and  effusive love always abound.
You’d skip a meal or two waiting   until I’m around.
Your wisdom and gentle guiding hand make my days happy.
Your generous and encouraging words give me felicity.

This is a love note to the Best Father in the World during Father’s Day.
And that honor belongs to only YOU,  Papa dearest.
I know, it’s not enough for the best in the world, nevertheless.
I'm greeting you with all the love in this whole, wide world.
Happy Father’s day to the Best Father in the world!

Love Letter for Someone I Miss

Dearest Kevin,

I don’t know how to start this letter. You’ve been  gone  for only  10  days  and it  feels  like  you’ve  been   away for 10 decades.  How could I express how I long to hear your voice every morning when I wake up? How could I tell you that I yearn for your smell when I snuggled under the bed sheets?  How can I let you feel how I have longed for the warmth of your kisses and love?

Image Credit: Anonymous

I stand in line at lunch and think back to the time that you pampered me with delicious muffins and fast food marvels. They seem to taste bland now and I barely touched them. The once colored environment has turned gray and my breath hangs suspended whenever I see that red and green color that was familiar to us.

And do you remember the numbers 515? 418 and 222? LOL...I am smiling now as I have nearly placed a bet on these numbers at the lottery jackpot.  Now, I know you’re smiling too, as you were the one who have mastery of numbers and dates.  I have always marveled at your skills in math.

What about the time when you and I thought it would be cool swapping our t-shirts.  Your scent on me and my scent on you. That was totally juvenile…but it made as happy. Simple little things that made our days so much fulfilled.

Now, I’m staring at the spaces in my screen and know that I cannot simply express the depth and length of how much I miss you.

Suffice to say that the thought of you and your love have kept me going and alive.

Take good care of yourself and try not to miss me as much as I do you.

With so much love,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Love Message Across the Seas

Here's a message across the seas,
to where ever you are my love.
The arid desert can give miseries,
but I'm sure you'll be fine as a dove.

Neath the earth's resounding gong
or the sun's blazing rays.
Your memory remains like a song.
undaunted like the Robin's days.

And when the night comes my dear,
sleep tightly amidst the local's lore.
For I'll wait for you, do not fear.
Until you come back once more.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Love Note for a Beloved Abroad

I send this love note for you my love.
Let it fly across the stretch of azure skies.
Let it swim among the deepest reef barriers.
Let it walk along the desert ridges while it dries.

My heart pines for you.
Longs for your loving arms in the night.
Longs for your warm kisses and delights.
Longs for your soothing whispers in the candlelight.

My soul awaits your return.
Waits for you to bring our moment of felicity.
Waits for you to enliven my life immeasurably.
Waits for your love to encompass me again totally.

Image credit:

Lonely for a Beloved Abroad