Friday, April 22, 2011

A Glimpse of What Might Have Been

(Dedicated to a special person in the past)

Why does the past come and haunt you when you least expect it?

You are ensconced in your comfort zone, snugly, 

contented not to move, lest you rock the boat.

But out of nowhere, comes the warmth, the comforting voice,

the gentle hand, kneading, inspiring, motivating you to

come out of your self- inflicted exile

making you feel, you’re human once again,

with warm blood coursing through your veins,

the rush of pure, unadulterated air into your lungs.

Your world is complete.

And you wish you’ll forever capture

that wholeness in your heart, once again.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love Letter to a Perfect Lady

Love Letter to a Perfect Lady

My Dearest Angel,

As I sit down and write this letter, my pen stops in mid-air. I really don't know what to say. .

You' life.
You' angel.
You're...everything to me.
You're the sunshine in a gloomy day.
You're the calm after the storm.
You're the lighthouse in the dark night.
You're the sympathetic ear when I want to rant.
You're the perfect lady of my life.

I have intended to write the longest letter, but all I really want to say is...


With all my love,

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Love Notes to My Ideal Lady

Perfect Lady
Image Credit: Nick Jordan L. Beja

These love notes I sent to you

my perfect lady, my ideal lady.

When will you come to me

and quench my cries of despair,

from this haunting loneliness?

When will you listen to

my plea for happiness.

Don't delay a minute more,

lest I may no longer

be waiting for you.


Sorry for an erratum, the fantastic work of art is from Nick Jordan L. Beja, an equally talented artist. Thanks for allowing me to use your art.

Eugene Andrade which I previously mentioned,  is also into music and the arts.

But this one was drawn by Nick Jordan L.Beja. You can view more of the amazing works of art of Nick at:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love Notes to a Perfect Lady

You are my perfect lady.
The lady who wipes the sweat off my forehead,
who cuddles me even when I stink,
who listens quietly when I ramble,
Who says everything's gonna be okay when I cry.

You are my perfect lady.
The last person to leave when all has gone wrong,
who grips my hand when I am in pain.
who cooks hot soup when I go home drunk.
who tweaks my nose when I frown and whine.

You are my perfect lady.
The lady whom I love
and who loves me back in return,
no ifs or buts,
no conditions,
no demands.

You are my perfect lady!