Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last Valentine

By: Bea Maie Ann M. Cruz (Bey)
Image credit: Bea Cruz

Every single day I dream of you
Every single second I think of you
Your eyes, your smile, your hair that you flip
Darling, you make my heart skip a beat

Don't doubt my love for you
Cause darling I promise to be always true
I've been waiting for you all my life
Now that you're here I feel so alive

Be my Valentine
We’ll make this love extraordinary
We’ll fight our monsters
And we’ll make it through effortlessly

Be my sunshine, the light of my life
Be my moonlight, make my nights so bright
Be like the stars, make all my wishes come true
And all I ever want is to spend my whole life with you

Be my answered prayer, be my knight in shining armor
Be the one that I’ll need, be the one that I’ll want to see at the altar
I’ll make you feel like every day is Valentine’s Day
I will always be here and I’ll never lead you astray

My last valentine, now that I have found you.
Be the reason of my smiles, my cries, my happiness, and my pains
Be the guy who’ll wait for me at the aisle
And be the one who’ll I say “I do” to all the days of my life.

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