Monday, November 30, 2015

Quotable Quotes (Thoughts) on Life and Love

By: Lester Taga Capas

Of what use is your intelligence and logic if your heart is not at peace? Before you seek any knowledge, find first your inner peace. Otherwise, your search for knowledge and fulfilment will be troublesome and barren. Leaving only room for disappointment and pain. Learn from the mistakes of others, but don't be afraid to learn new things for yourself. 

Life as they say is short, but for one who lives it in peace, it is long enough to satisfy the longing of the spirit.

It is a cruel form of self-torture to love someone who would not care if you died tonight. Not only is it futile and masochistic to keep holding on to someone who doesn't love you, it is insane. Your misplaced sense of sympathy and affection will bring you only pain. 

Worth it? Give yourself a good slap on the face and tell yourself that it is worth it. The first person you should love is yourself. Unless you love yourself you can never truly love anyone else. Not everyone is worth it and instead of wasting time and love on the wrong person, learn to give it to someone else. 

Give yourself a chance to find someone more deserving of your love because you only live once and wasting it on the wrong person is the biggest mistake you will ever make

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thoughts and Quotes on Christianity and Life


All because someone says Hallelujah and praise the lord, it doesn't make them good people. The works of your hands are the witness to whether or not you are truly good or bad. What use is it to the lord to be praised by one who does the work of the devil? 

To do good with a humble heart is to praise the lord with a song louder than the booming sound of thunder. Do not be Christian only by name and baptism. At your confirmation you swore to renounce the devil and all his works... Make good on your word or you are fooling no one else but yourself.
There is little room in heaven for a Laodicea spirit. You are either Hot or you are cold, none in between.

The heart breaks only for so long. It's standing on the broken pieces that hurt and keep you from moving on. Taking a step forward with broken pieces on your heels is painful. But the more you move forward, the less pain you take with you and the bigger chances you have of meeting someone new to love.

There's nothing wrong with letting people know when you've done good. However, if you are doing well for the sake of boasting, that is a different story. Don't you think it makes you a haughty jackass to make huge tarpaulins with a giant image of yourself? When in fact, you are wasting the people's money on stupid projects with a ridiculously big budget and kickback? 

If you mark relief goods with your name and symbol even if the goods were paid for by someone else, then you are one thick skinned idiot who is likely scheduled for a date with the devil when you die ... Kindly read Matthew 6:1-10, doing good requires humility....Even Jesus never boasted about his good fact... in many occasions he would even tell the people he helped not to tell anyone about it...Doing good rightly is doing it with humility.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Poetry: Remembering Love

Remembering love that month of May,

when robins sang their merry way.

We danced and waltzed into the night.

In delightful pleasure, we took flight.

We vowed our love will last forever,

Amidst the rain, storm and thunder.

Our hugs were tight and unrelenting,

We wished the night was never-ending.

But, alas! You have to travel far away,

To foreign lands and work all day.

Your memories will hover like a dove,

Inside my head, remembering love.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Poetry, In Memory of a Loved one

The moon, the sun, the star,
ablaze in the sky, from afar,
shining in the air up above,
in memory of the one I love.

The palm, the tree, the flower,
they whistle, they sway, they prosper,
Wafting through the glade, undone,
in memory of a loved one.

You are my world, my night, my day.
The color of my new mown hay.
You are my soul, my mind, my dove,
in memory of the one I love.

Image credit: Lydia Ballog/Cioux