Friday, May 4, 2012

Ways on How to Discreetly Flirt with Your Ex-Boyfriend

Everybody knows that it is a rule of thumb in post-breakup behavior that you should not appear to be the needy ex-girlfriend. As a refined and proper woman that you are, you could not imagine yourself practically begging your ex-boyfriend to take you back. However, despite the restrictions that you know about proper post-breakup behavior, you also must admit that you want him back and you believe that your relationship is worth another chance. 

What you should learn now is how to discreetly flirt with your ex-boyfriend. Learning ways on how to discreetly flirt with your ex-boyfriend makes you relay to your ex that you can still make a good pair without making you appear that you are very desperate to get back together again.

To make sure that both of you won’t lose that spark of romance with each other, you must still drop him hints that you also want him back. This will give him more courage to ask you out again. Just remember to do it in a discreet, smart and sexy way. By learning ways on how to discreetly flirt with your ex-boyfriend, you might find yourself enjoying the company of your ex-boyfriend once again and vice versa. 

This post-breakup period might end up being a second courtship period for both of you. It will be a very exciting phase for your love story to blossom once again. 

These are the different ways on how to discreetly flirt with your ex-boyfriend:

Emphasize your best qualities

By always looking your best in front of your ex, you are secretly reminding him of the features and characteristics that attracted him to you. This is one of the most effective ways on how to discreetly flirt with your ex-boyfriend. Always be prepared to look beautiful especially when you expect to be with your ex at a particular same place at the same time. Flaunt your physical assets especially if you know what part of your body did your ex like most about you. 

Be confident when in front of your ex

Although your heartbeat might race a fast pace, it might ruin your methods on how to discreetly flirt with your ex-boyfriend if you stutter or sweat when he starts a conversation with you. You must avoid reacting this way and remaining a sexy level of confidence. Keep in mind that you are a very admirable person and your ex was and will always be attracted to you.

Be attentive of his body language

His body language can show you some signs that he is still interested in you. This may include touching you, leaning his body towards you or prolonging his eye contact with you. Included in the ways on how to discreetly flirt with your ex-boyfriend is mirroring these body languages that he does. You will then both know that the feeling is mutual.

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