Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey Valentine’s Day!


Happy 19th Anniversary to the best parents in the whole world! I love you guys and I miss you every day.

On Valentine’s day, I’d like you to know
It’s not about the flowers nor the show
Neither about the movies nor the endless date
It’s just about appreciating the long wait
I wish I could, but rather not.
Image credit: Pen Ann Shah

To have someone, catch me off guard
If you think its romantic, let me remind you again
Just be patient, and wait for the right one
There’s nothing to lose rather experiences to gain

Oh Valentine’s day, so colourful and ever red
Has it ever occurred to you? Of the love you take?
I’d rather share it to the less fortunate for love’s sake!
Please be gentle and oh so loving, don’t take love for granted with your silly lies
Instead embrace people and touch their lives

Hey Valentine’s day!
Love patiently, love infinitely
Be happy, be young
Time will tell, and time will seek
Don’t drive these young minds off to sleep

Wait for the one, Wait for the best
Make Cinderella and snow white envious,
Of how you fell in love and had your own story
A story not to tell, but a story to have a happily ever after.

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