Saturday, December 31, 2011

Free Pictures You Can Use-Mansion House, Baguio City Philippines

Mansion House, Baguio City, Philippines

New Year’s Message for Your Spouse

You have made my dreary days happy.
Wiped my tears when I was lonely.
Cuddled me when I wanted to cry.
Carried me in your wings to fly.

This New Year, I want to say I love you
I want you to know I treasure you.
I want to stay with you the next years.
And spend my life with you dear.

So this New Year, remember I love you
Forever and ever, I’ll be here for you.

New Year Message for a Wife Abroad

You are thousands of miles away from me Dearie, 

But my love for you is as strong as ever.

I woke up with the church bells ringing freely,

Showing the birth of a joyous and brilliant New Year.

Although you are not here with me, Dearie

I want you to know that I would love you forever.  

I pray that you’d come home to me safe and sound.

And we’ll be happy again all year round.

Free Pictures You Can Use, Burnham Park, Baguio Philippines

New Year Message to a Husband Abroad

Dearest, it’s New Year, but you are not with us tonight.

I’m sad but happy that in spite of the distance and space

Our hearts are still together, loving, caring and nurturing.

I wish you all the happiness in life and in the New Year to come.

I wish that all our dreams will come true.

So that after this year you will already be,

Back in our home where you should truly be.

New Year Message for a Loved One Abroad

We’re miles apart this New Year.

But I feel your warm presence right here with me.

I may not touch you physically,

But your love continues to nurture me.

I wish you were here with me this New Year,

But I guess it would be impossible.

Your presence today is sourly missed.

I would be happy with just one kiss.

So here’s my greeting of a prosperous New Year.

May God bless you throughout the year.

Happy New Year Message to a Loved One Abroad

It’s New Year once again,

But you are miles away.

Happiness, I tried to feign,

And keep my tears at bay.

But Alas! Not even the jingle bells

Could sway my heart to sing.

Not even the carol swells

The joy they cannot bring.

I wish you Happy New Year

And pray your wish come true.

I’ll wait for you, my dear,

Until you’re back anew.

Free Pictures You Can Use-Red Flowers

Red Flowers

Thursday, December 29, 2011

"A Tryst on Valentine's Day"

The swan glided above the calm waters.

It slowly brushed and stroked the surface.

It gasped anew, entwined - it hovered,

and basked in exquisite, tremors of graces.

Ah, the pleasure that love brings,

In wanton desire I sing,

satiated with the juices of love.

I soar to the skies above!


Free Pictures You Can Use - Red Flowers

Red Flowers

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Free Pictures You Can Use - Burnham Park, Baguio City

Burnham Park, Baguio City, Philippines

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Free Pictures You Can Use, Baguio Botanical Garden

Baguio Botanical Garden: Image Credit: Bryan Elevado

Friday, December 23, 2011

Free Pictures You Can Use-Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flowers: By Bryan Elevado

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Look Forward to Heaven-Love Notes for Married Couples

Look forward to heaven and be glad.
The azure skies and the love you've had.
Vows that are written in indelible ink.
May drag you down into an insurmountable link.

Marriage is like a living plant.
You have to nurture it and it will grow.
Ignore it and weeds would supplant,
the ember allowing the love to blow,

Stay in love always and forever,
With robin's songs and rainbows at the end.
let the silver lining of trust hover.
Until the end of time and till the end.

Free Pictures You Can Use-Baguio Cathedral, Philippines

Baguio Cathedral, Baguio City Philippines

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kalinga Brook

Kalinga Brook
Image Credit: Nats Dalanao

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beautiful Brook found in the Boundary of Naneng, Kalinga

Brook found in boundary of Naneng
Image Credit: Nats Dalanao

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Free Pictures You Can Use- Adrenal Glands

Adrenal Glands Microscopic
Image Credit: Nowie Serrano

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Diphyllobothrium latum: Free Pictures You Can use

Diphyllobothrium latum
Image Credit: Nowie Serrano

Friday, November 25, 2011

Love Message for a Loved one Abroad

As the sun sets in the west,
I know you'll be seeing the same sun too.
As the sun rises from the east,
You'll have the same sun rise too.

It helps to know that
we are both under the same azure sky,
even if we are thousands
of miles away from each other.

Free Pictures You Can Use-Phagocytosis

Image Credit: Tiffany Remante

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Inspirational Book is Finally Here

Finally the inspirational book is ready for release.

This is a labor of love by 27 authors/bloggers who have contributed so that the book would come to fruition.

It's a rare anthology that each book collector should own. Here's your chance to buy yours.

Just click on the button below and you'll receive your copy within 10 days. (for local delivery) and 15 days. (for international delivery)


1. A Call for Minds by Zorlone

2. Inspirational Thoughts and Stories of Bloggers All Over the World by Holly Jahangiri

3. Frustrated Writer No More by Roy dela Cruz

4. Turning Bloggers into Published Writers by Rey Jr.

5. Ing Kekong Talasuyo, Atin Ya Pung Libro by Roy dela Cruz

6. DiTesco's Weekly Echo by DiTesco

7. We Need More Inspiration in This World, and I Have a Suggestion… by Mathe Baniaga

8. Inspirational Bloggers by Francis Scudellari

9. Beautiful Blogger Book by Patricia Rockwell

10. 27 Reasons Why Jena Isle's Inspirational Book Rocks by Jan Geronimo

11. I am a Published Author by Brady Frost

12. The Inspirational Book by Jean Knill

13. Inspired to Write by John Rooney

14. Brad Pitt Writing on the Inspirational Book Project by Elmot

15. Dreams Do Come True by Roy dela Cruz

16. Choices We Make In Our Life by Mon Paulino

17. My Life Story is Now in an Inspirational Book by Angel Cuala

18. I Am by Roy dela Cruz

19. One Word-Poetry: Inspiration by Roy dela Cruz

20. Inspirational Thoughts and Stories of Bloggers from All over the World
by Tasha Bud

21. Of Chasing Traffic and For The Love of Writing by Ceblogger

22. Hurra, mein Märchen ist veröffentlicht by Ray Gratzner

23. Inspirational Book by Mon Paulino