Saturday, August 29, 2015

Quotes on Love, Life and Religion


 “Love isn't a tree that magically appears it is a seed that needs to planted, nurtured, cared for and frankly people are better at chopping trees down.”

“People should live long enough to suffer for their sins and realize their mistakes. Death is the easy way out and the coward's exit.”

Sagada Mountains, Image credit: Cioux Casala

“If you are going to establish your religion by targeting and pointing out the errors of other faiths you are better off raising a chick for cock fights. There's a reason why the Catholic faith does not hit back at other denominations attempting to smear mud upon it. It's because the faith believes in Love and turning the other cheek. I just wish more Catholics spent time actually listening to the Gospel, reading the holy book and trying to live the word in their life. It's sad to see that there are a lot of people who turn from the faith because they feel spiritually starved. You won't starve if you have the initiative to learn and understand what your faith is about. Don't limit yourself to just attending mass every Sunday. Your busy schedule should never be too busy for the one who gave you time to live in the first place.”

“Give the key to your happiness to someone else and they'll forget they even had it. Give the key to your happiness to the lord, you will see everything you had ever gone through was worth it.”

“Some people will repay your love but some people will leave you with a hurting heart and a sack of broken promises.”

“Sometimes, in trying to fix the hole in the hearts of other people by pouring out your love for them, you end up draining yourself and lose sight of who you are in the process.”

“A pretty face isn't of much use, unless you are joining a pageant, attracting people's attention /drawing their admiration or finding a potential mate. It's easy to damage those delicate faces , a single scratch across the cheek and it dampens their appeal. A good attitude however is harder to crush especially when the person is patient. Aside from which it makes the atmosphere feel better and people stay with you longer.”

“Most of the time, smart people speak plainly and put things on a level you can understand.” “Idiots make no sense in attempting to make things sound smart and complicated.”

“Just because you're not getting love from the person you want it to come from, it doesn't mean you're not getting any. Sometimes people forget how much care and affection they are actually getting when it's not coming from the person they love most.”

“You never really know who's happy with their life and who's getting ready to call it quits. One moment you're talking to someone, the next they're in a box.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Quotes on Life and Love


Life isn't about choices, having more money than some else or who gets the trophy and who ranks more, life is just being happy enough to want to live the next day.

On their way home from Sunday service a pastor and a tired office worker sat together at the terminal seat, waiting for a jeepney.

Lifting the soda can from his mouth the pastor blessed a passing beggar and noticed the office worker digging deep into his pocket.

Giving a single coin to the beggar. Pastor: That beggar is dying of hunger and you gave him a single coin?

Brother, remember the lesson about giving what you have? Office worker: Well sir, at least he doesn't have a vulgar and irritable boss breathing down his throat every day; water bills, electric bills, taxes, customers to satisfy.

All-nighters with no sleep but work the next day.

Debts, five children, pesky in laws a nagging wife who thinks you're cheating on her when in fact you're killing yourself just to make sure your children have something to eat.

Saying sorry to your daughter because you can't afford to send her to school. Slowly going crazy just trying to make ends meet and passing out because you haven't eaten but need to work. How does your soda taste?

I don't know because I can't even afford the full ride home. I have to get down halfway and walk the rest of the road on my tired legs. I don't see you dropping a single coin? Shall I give the beggar all my problems because that is all I have?

"Don't judge the way other people are trying to help regardless of your status in life. You never know how much other people are actually giving because you are not them. You are free to preach but not to judge."

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Quotes on Education, Life, Love and Friendship


“Life is hard when you are busy hanging on to the person you want so badly in your life. It is frightening to think of how hard it would be to find someone new and invest feelings from ground zero. But in truth, hanging on to someone who is beating your brains in is a lot harder than trying to bump into someone new.”

“If you are studying for grades you won't learn half as much as you would if you were studying to learn what you will need to know when the time comes for you to use it.”

“If you're going to correct someone for their mistake, just tell them what they did wrong and offer advice to a good resolution. There is no need to degrade or mock someone who is already down. If you cannot contribute to the solution then you have no business telling someone else they made a mistake.”

“Any speaking person can blabber; it takes a brain to actually say something.”

“How convenient is it for those friends of yours to deny and reject you when they no longer need you? Quite easy, in fact give it a few years and they will only remember the times you got them upset or angry. Boy, the world is cruel, don't expect the next life to be any more forgiving than the one you have now. The rope around your neck will serve you no better than the love you wasted trying to keep people from pushing away. Your faults are everything that you are to them. A thorn on the side, demanding attention and love when all they really want to do is pull you out. You think you are free but you're like a pet in a wheel, running thinking he's going somewhere when in truth he's stuck in place. Sure, some of them will kick it with you now, but wait for them to grow tired of your heart then see how many will stay. Where are they anyway? These people who swore they would stand by you? Gone right? I warned you about them and how they stab you in the back when you are not around but no, you just wouldn't listen. I'd step back in if I could wipe that tear flowing from your cheek but you don't deserve a friend as much as a bullet in the liver.”

“Takes a madman to argue with one, a wise man to stay away from one but a saint to understand that madmen need Love not the loss of a silly argument.”

“Life is hard when you are busy hanging on to the person you want so badly in your life. It is frightening to think of how hard it would be to find someone new and invest feelings from ground zero. But in truth, hanging on to someone who is beating your brains in is a lot harder than trying to bump into someone new.”

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Thoughts on Life, God and Love


“The difference between angels and demons? The angels follow the will of God while the demons find ways to justify that what they are doing wrong is right.”

“Heaven will not have me for I am neither hot nor cold, just a tasteless morsel that isn't really welcome to stay. Hell will accept anybody but I guess even the devil can be choosy. Purgatory won't have me either, they don't accept those that are hopelessly dirty. Earth has no choice I guess, but you can't really stop anyone from hoping can you? I don't know, maybe if I manage to fix myself one day a door will open and have me. Until then, I guess I'll just keep knocking.”

"Sometimes you want to talk to people but you can't because you are afraid of what they may say. Sometimes after saying something you're afraid of keeping the conversation going in fear of offending the person you are talking to. And then when you finally do offend them, you are afraid they will never talk to you again so you apologize, a lot. Sometimes, to no avail. Sometimes you want to keep people in your life but the more you hang on, the more they will push you aside because whether you intended it or not, your actions went overboard, you were just too much.”

“Sometimes , it's not that you don't want to say how you feel, you're just afraid things will go so bad; that you will lose the person you fought so hard to keep in your life. Then years later you realize it was all for nothing.”

“Deaf to advice but blind to one's own mistakes, the qualities of someone who should never be a leader.”

“Whenever I meditate I take myself back to the memories of that peaceful and beautiful place. I close my eyes and take a deep breath as I recall the events that took place and made me happy. Only to open my eyes and realize that I am not quite welcome there anymore.”

“There will always be bad people that you don't want in your life, the resolution is yours.”
“It doesn't matter how much you want someone to see you, it is and always be a matter of: are they willing to see you?”

“You had everything that you have ever wanted, even more than that. Just because you didn't get everything, it doesn't mean you've suffered. Your life is anything but tragic and there will always be someone else who suffered more than you.” 

“Sometimes in trying to make things perfect, you end up doing it wrong. The only way to really do something is to enjoy it.”

“Just because you're all grown up and acting mature it doesn't mean the kid in you is dead. There are just some things you can never outgrow because they are what make you who you are.”
“Take pride in your flaws, not everyone has the guts to give it a shot.”

“You won't understand a single thing if you cram and take in information simultaneously. The best way to study is to relax and let your lessons sink in with time.”

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Quotes on Life, Love and God

“Whenever I look up in awe of the skies, I can't help but raise an arm towards the clouds as if I can actually feel them. As I look on in admiration it doesn't take long to realize that they are far, far from my short reach and in reality I can only stand my ground, take a deep breath, close my eyes and pretend that I am up there with the clouds. Clouds in a way are like some people, far from my reach. I can talk to them and pretend the wind that blows from their direction is the reply. But there is no reaching them for they are far, far from my reach.”

“For an advocate of atheism you sure are lousy. Judging people who believe in god as if they are all the same. You hate on something you don't believe and mock what other people hold sacred yet you sit comfortably unwilling to lift a finger to help other people. You are quick to point out all the faults you see but never mention the good that you do see. Why don't you sit down in front of the mirror and write down all the imperfections you see in yourself and try not to lie about it? Things that happen, happen, and you have free will like everyone else. I don't know why things like cancer, violence and rape happens but I’m pretty sure we all have the free will to try and make a difference even if some things are out of our control, being pessimistic and judgmental, whiny and indifferent solves nothing. But prayer eases the heart and appeases the spirit.”

“Some People cheer violence and laugh at sincerity. Forgetting gratitude but strengthening their insecurities and minimizing trust. They jeer at a guy who has stumbled but won't budge to help them up. Mocking and questioning god when they have nothing to show for their pride and cold heart. Becoming less moral and more subversive as clothes get shorter and perfumes more tempting. Then you ask what is wrong with world? People, some people are what are wrong with this place.”

“You can't control how people will change but it is your choice to love them for whatever they become.”

“The criminal is not the person who steals for food. The criminal is the person who kills another man in the name of a misguided sense of patriotism and corrupted opinion of justice.”

“These people, who raise their hands in the sign of the devil, wear excessive make up, sell their souls for rock and roll and whatever they can sell it for. Going around with a silly pentagram and tattooing the number of the beast on their forehead as if it makes them look tougher. These aren't Satanists; these are just some poor stupid fools thinking the devil gives a damn about whether they dress up as a practitioner of black magic or a chicken suit. The real Satanists are the people who use the name of god, faith and country to further expand their power and multiply their riches while other people starve in the streets. A good example is that black b__d whose heart is blacker than his skin.”

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Quotable Quotes on Love, Life and Anger

“One of the things you won't get from a book is experience.”

“People who love you for nothing will love you even when you've lost everything.”

“Wit is not measured by how much one can say and argue but by how much of it makes sense.”

“Some of the biggest prizes come after only the hardest of sacrifices.”

“Sometimes I sit and ask myself, when people are about to die? Do they ask in wonder of what comes after? Or do they just clasp their hands and hope they have done more right than wrong in their lives?”

“Right now you're angry but you won't be later. Right now you are confused but it will make sense later. Right now you are frowning but you may just be smiling later. So if you are angry, irritated or sad then keep calm and let it pass or you might just have a black eye later.”

“Why on earth would you fight fire with fire, knowing it could potentially cause higher casualties? If someone is burning with anger then grab a bucket of ice water and splash it continuously onto their face until they calm down. If you fight anger with anger then you are likely going to suffer many consequences.”

“You can't pass your skills on to another person but you can inspire them to develop their own and maybe they may even exceed you given time.”

“Yes you are clean, clean as a white piece of cloth without stain. But add a tiny speck and people will notice and judge you for your faults without looking at the parts that have no dirt. I am like a dirty rag, dirty regardless of how you clean it. No stain can add to my imperfections but though you may not want me, you will need me the next time you make a mess.”