Sunday, February 17, 2013

Grass Animals


Render Him thyself, He knows what to do
Escape from thy thoughts; let Him conquer thy life too
Deep gratitude, He expects to come from you

Once committed to Him thou shall praise loudly
Rude things may come instead; blame softly
Amidst thy journey, along are frustrations
Neglect what’s happening, whisper thy devotions
Greatest was He of all the superlatives
Evidence of providence, indeed He never leaves

Yet He never fails to love us genuinely
Eternal life He assures, truly, really, endearingly
Luxury thou shall have when serving Him with sense
Lavish kindness, He owns bounds Thy bestowed greatness
One thing Thy assure when foresight gets blurred
We focus on Him, everything gets clearer

Glorify, worship, laud, extol
Reverence He deserves, praise Him after all
Engage in His words, in gusto, in zest
Evil sometimes dominate, people crawl
Ne’er-do-well thou might be but He’ll never let you fall

Buried thyself alive you think when you’re lost
Lynch in earnest you regard not minding what it costs
Up there, look up, let Him take over
Enlightened by Thy strength He’ll accompany you forever

In time thou shall come to the end of your way
No hard feelings just kneel and pray
Death is not a period, it’s only a comma
Indeed He offers eternity explicit in dogma
Gracious Throne above benevolently showers mercy
Oh GOD, in Thy hands, be all declared Thy glory

PRISMATICATED? There’s no such thing like this, really. It was my friend who suggested me this title (credits to him). I was about to write something related to God, relating His gratefulness with colors, so I thought of a “rainbow”. I remembered what I’ve read in an article then, stating that rainbow is an Arc of PRISMATIC COLORS. Sounds catchy. So I made my title that way. I was about to finish YELLOW when I asked my friend if he could help me find a better one. I told him, “ampanget kase ng title ko eh, PRISMATIC COLORS”. And then he said, “PRISMATICATED”. I hurriedly consult my dictionary to check for that term and no such word was found. So I asked him what that means, and he answered wisely, “ginawa ko lang verb yung prismatic. Alisin mo na yung ‘color’, kase it means na pag nakilala mo si God, ma-fifill ng colors yung buhay mo… prismaticated”. Thaaaaaaat! Revived my thoughts!! Very well explained, HAHA. That’s how I came up with my title.

Colors and their Meanings (based on my own opinion and perception)

·         RED – COMMITMENT
We are all knowledgeable that Red symbolizes Love, and love starts with commitment. If we will commit and render our lives to God, we will be occupied with no worries in the world. Love Him, let Him direct our Lives.

Orange is full of life, vigorous, sprightly. If we will praise Him, our lives will be filled with happiness. He is the King. He is the Superior. No one can ever make us happy the way He does.

·         YELLOW – LIGHT
When there is God, there is Light. And when there is light, there is Hope.

·         GREEN – PRAISE
Everything around us is green. Trees, grasses, mountains... Which points to the Master of these Creations. And so, offer our homage to God. He is Everything. He deserves to be worshiped.

·         BLUE – HARDSHIPS
A lot of people say, “God won’t give us problems if He knows that we can’t overcome such”. Practically speaking, it’s true. No trial would cause us despair if we know God’s reasons for allowing it.

·         INDIGO – DEATH
Since then, I thought of VIOLET as the color of death (it’s my own opinion, haha), and indigo, is closely related to the said color. I presented in the last part that we shouldn’t be afraid of dying. IT IS A CLEAR PICTURE OF ETERNAL HAPPINESS, WITH GOD.

That’s all Folks!


Friday, February 15, 2013

How to Get Your Boyfriend to Want You Back after Your Break-up

Being in love is one of the most wonderful events in one’s life. Knowing that someone loves you is an all-time high that would bring you to cloud nine. What happens however, if that special someone suddenly breaks-up with you? You would be devastated, especially if you still love that person. If that is the case, you should learn the techniques on how to get your boyfriend to want you back. Learning these techniques could bring back your loved one back into your arms. To help you overcome your dilemma, here are significant ways on how to get your boyfriend to want you back.

Change your negative behavior

You could not change anyone’s behavior unless you change yourself. Strive to change your negative behavior into a positive one. Instead of being jealous when a woman flirts with him, enhance you external assets and most especially your character so you could succeed on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back. Be the best of who and what you are. He would come running back into your arms if he realizes that you are a gem he could not do without. How to get your boyfriend to want you back would be easy if this is the case.

Know the reason why

Did you ever learn sweet things to say to your boyfriend? Or were you an insensitive insecure person who had picked fights with him because of your own insecurity? How to get your ex boyfriend to want you back would be difficult if you don’t know why he broke-up with you. Don’t pester him though just to know why. The proper time to ask the question would eventually come. In the meantime, there should be no cute things to say to your boyfriend or sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

Live a life

Get out and live your own live. How to get your boyfriend to want you back should not entail isolating yourself and going out of circulation. Socialize but don’t flirt or get someone on the rebound. If you want your boyfriend to want you back, you must be an independent woman who can stand on her own and lead a life of her own. Most male species don’t want the clingy type because they are smothered by these types. Remember most men have their own circle of friends that they go out with, so you must have your own. A time away from each other would make you miss each other. This is one of the crucial aspects of How to get your ex boyfriend to want you back.

How to get your boyfriend to want you back could not be forced. Your ex boyfriend should have his own desire to get back to you because he wants to. It should be his personal desire to give your love a second chance. If you follow these pointers on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back, he may run back into your arms in no time at all.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Factors In Choosing The Best Technique On How To Get Your Boyfriend To Want You Back

There are many methods on how to get your boyfriend to want you back or how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back. In fact, the internet is full of varied advises, methods and techniques on this subject. What the writers did not dwell so much on, is the concept that all these means are not universal because of individual differences. Personality is one critical factor that you need to seriously take into account when choosing a method to employ is the character of your boyfriend. This is the emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of a person to situations and events or to stimulants. There are four major personality traits that affect your boyfriend’s responses to the triggers or techniques on how to get your boyfriend to want you back or how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back.

·       A sanguine person is one who is impulsive, sensitive, and compassionate, sometimes is sarcastic. They are talkative and are not easily intimidated. They are the confident type. If your boyfriend has a sanguine personality, then probably, the break up was a result of his impulsiveness. If that be the case, then applying the more subtle type of methods on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back such ash giving him space, asking for apology, letting him talk about the break up are better options you can take. Their sensitivity and compassion will aid you in getting his attention back to you.

·         A choleric person has mood swings. They are jolly this time and in another instant they become sad or angry and cordial. They are strong willed. They often times do not listen to advices. They are easy to anger. They are not so much on emotions such as love, tenderness, warmth and compassion. They seldom change their minds.  If your boyfriend has a choleric temperament, then it is more difficult for you even with how to get your boyfriend to want you back techniques. You can adopt the radical or stronger methods such a no contact, ignoring him and others.

·         A melancholic individual tend to forget other people and they only think of themselves or of what they are doing. They are easily hurt, sad, gloomy and depressed. They are also perfectionists and since they are that, they expect other people to be perfect too. If your boyfriend belongs to this type of personality, you must be careful not to add to their melancholy. It is best that you adopt more positive methods on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back.

·     A phlegmatic person is warm, attentive, quiet, relaxed, rational and consistent. They are kind, sympathetic, quiet, collected, cool, and calm. He is also has negative traits such as being worrisome, fearful, indecisive, selfish and shy. When your boyfriend is a phlegmatic person, you need to use adopt a combination of good-natured techniques and the more aggressive ones on how to get your boyfriend to want you back such as self development, setting him up for a casual date, asking him to explain and others that is appropriate to his type of person.

Personality plays a big role in choosing the best methods on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back or how to get your boyfriend to want you back. It may even be the only consideration you need to take into account in some break ups. Whatever break up situation you are in; do not forget to include your boyfriend’s personality in adopting methods or techniques in getting back your boyfriend. It will be easier for you if you do that. One method is effective on one individual but not with another. Before embarking on adopting methods on how to get your boyfriend to want you back, you need to consider the personality factor that affects your selection process. This is a critical consideration that you need to take seriously if you are to be successful in your goal.

Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back and Never Leave You

You must feel frustrated in looking for ways on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back. He has broken up with you and you are left wondering what went wrong. Although you terribly want him, the feeling is definitely not mutual. Thus, your goal is to turn the world upside down and make him realize that he needs you just as much as you need him. 

Assess the Situation

The first step on how to get your boyfriend want you back is to assess the situation that made him leave you. Determine what caused him to break up with you. Is it about your attitude or behavior, an incident or a third party? By knowing his reasons for doing this, you can easily find the solution on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back. However, do not irritate him by asking for the reason. Do the assessment on your own. Once you realize the problem, you can start looking for the best solution. 

Rebuild the Attraction

After solving the issue that made him break up with you, the next step is to lure him again. In the steps on how to get your ex boyfriend want you back, you must package yourself as the “old” girlfriend that he once loved. Recall what he liked about you in the first place. Bring your old self back to attract him. You can even work on these aspects to improve your positive sides. If you do this, he will realize that your relationship is worth another try. 

Improve your Self

When some girls are steadily dating a guy, they feel too secure about themselves that they neglect improving their appearance. If you want to follow the steps on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back, you should make yourself physically attractive. You do not have to look too depressed and pathetic after the break up. Pick yourself up from the heartache and boost your confidence by taking care of yourself. Go to the parlor and get a new haircut or go out and shop for new clothes. When your ex boyfriend sees the positive changes in you, he will regret the moment that he broke up with you. He will come back to you effortlessly. 

Give Him the Space

If your man broke up with you, it means he needs some space and time to think about your relationship. Do not stalk him. The steps on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back say that you must provide him the space that he needs. However, you should not be too far. Otherwise, he will get the idea that you are no longer interested in him. Guys need the space but they also want you to be close enough to make them feel secure when they make a move to rebuild the relationship.

Following the steps on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back and never leave you may seem to be too difficult. But even when the situation seems to be tough, remember that this is not impossible. With your determination, you can get your ex boyfriend to want you back.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend When Things Go Wrong

In a healthy relationship, there will always be misunderstandings. This is because two unique individuals come together to share their thoughts and emotions. There’s bound to be erupting fireworks at one time or another. When these fights occur, the extreme might happen and he might break up with you. When this happens you have to know sweet things to say to your boyfriend. If he still refuses to talk with you then you have to embark on an all-out quest on  how to get your boyfriend to want you back or how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back. Here are ways to do it.

Communicate clearly

Communication is still the best way to resolve a misunderstanding. If you don’t know cute things to say to your boyfriend, then it would be difficult talking to him. How to get your boyfriend to want you back or how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back can be a Herculean task if you don’t talk to him and communicate what you feel. Allow him to say his piece before saying anything. Do no shout. Talk in normal tones even when you may get mad. Why wait when it would be too late? Know sweet things to say to your boyfriend and he will treasure you forever.

Avoid feeding his anger with yours

When he is angry for what you did, stay calm. Don’t feed his anger with your own. Talk calmly and show him you’re composed. When he notices this, he would surely calm down as well. This is one effective way to know about how to get your boyfriend to want you back or how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back. Allow him to express his anger until he has spent his emotions. Then you can explain your side.

Give a peace offering

After you have talked it out you can opt to give a peace offering. It can be a simple gift such as a pen or his favorite mug. What is important is the gesture that you have done on how to get your boyfriend to want you back. You may opt to bring the gift with you when you decide to talk to him. You could also greet him through social bookmarking websites and observe his reaction. There are virtual gifts that you can send. But if you can send an actual gift, then no one’s stopping you. Accompany this gift with a note containing cute things to say to your boyfriend and this would move him, unless he has a heart of stone.

Learn sweet things to say to your boyfriend and you’ll be halfway on your quest of how to get your boyfriend to want you back and how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back. If he loves you too, he would never allow himself to be apart from you for too long, so hold your head up high and fight for the person you treasure most.