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How to Express Yourself: When You're Young: Express Yourself, Before It's too Late

By: Lester Nang Dinuguan
"Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish"- Albert Einstein.

"When you're young and you're in love, you'd think it was the end of the world when the person you love rejects you, especially when you think that person is the one." I find that often true. To be young with many dreams, to be full of hope, to be full of love to give. How do people age into cranky shells of their former selves? Time, a lot of time, when you're young you often don't know what you want, until you're old enough to regret not having sought after it when you had the time.

People change, you can experience great joy that will lead to your contentment as time goes by. On the other hand, you may also experience things that not only dampen, but crush your spirit and take any trace of hope you have. When you're young you think everyone is against you and that you're being singled out, even if they only want the best for you. But who's to blame? What you see right now may not be as worth as you used to think it was. People can only advise, no one can dictate your destiny, it's all up to you.

Some people have high hopes and big dreams but without the power to do so. When you're young and have everything you wished you could have do you ever foresee tough times to come? When you're old, tired feeling helpless and robbed, do you blame yourself when you were young? Or do you waste time on pointing fingers? There is always a choice, but when you're young things get blurry and the roads seem ever misty even when the goal is clear.

When you're young you tend to blame other people for your failures, but who doesn't? when you're old but successful, do you ever look back to the time when you were young? did you struggle? Or were you fortunate enough to be born with a golden spoon? When you're young and struggling, you want success and simple joys, you want a happy family and a good job, a smile to greet you everyday. But when you've finally met your goals pray the old feeling does not fade away. Sometimes we get too much heaven that we don't realize that we're in heaven.

Sometimes we're way up in the clouds that we forget how it's like to have our feet on the ground. When you're young you want to help everybody and wish you had super-powers. Then older people tell you that what you believe in is none-sense. you listen and forget what it means to dream and believe in miracles. You think only of what's rational and FORGET that a MIRACLE MADE YOU. You even question he who made you. When you're young you're full of smiles without a care in the world. Then comes your duties and obligations and you forget what a smile truly means.

When you're young play around and you get hurt, regardless of how long you cry and feel the pain, you will always want to play again. age shouldn't be a factor in vigor and perseverance. don't let the weight of your physical body drag down the strength of your spirit. When you're young you pray to God as you wake, before you sleep, before you eat and just about every time you get a chance even when you don't understand him. You grow up you forget to pray and you say he understands you for not going to church because you're busy.

When you're dying you realize how foolish you were to forget the one entity who would never forsake you. When you're young you love unconditionally although you have a strong sense of self love you have the urge to love others nonetheless. You grow up and grow cold you forget what it means to love other people and yourself. Although you can still love unconditionally and selflessly, would you have the same spirit as you did back then? You think you're bigger than everyone else who are mature enough to admit when they're wrong?

Keep laughing because society will laugh back at you, growing cold is not becoming mature, it's withering, becoming a shell too obsolete to put in a shelf, not even good enough to remember. When you're young you forgive and forget, when you're old you learn to bear grudges and hate. When you're young you'd do just about anything for what you want but slowly learn right from wrong.

When you're old knowing right and wrong you often disregard what is wrong to get what you want. When you're young and you love you over flow. When you're old you think you're too old for it and believe wisdom keeps you from such rash decisions as learning to love again. Such wisdom is wasted on the pretentious, you can outgrow your toys but you should never outgrow love.

When you're young you're scared of sin, when you grow older, yo have vices and you blame the lord when you get sick. Oh, please, don't waste your time. The lord didn't create the elements for you to abuse and get cancer or any other vice related disease.

When you're young and appreciative you learn to say thank you at the smallest things, when you're old you forget those small things, those small words that could mean the world to other people. when was the last time you said "thank you" and meant it?

When is the last time you said sorry with a tear in your eye and never did it again? When was the last time you prayed just so you could thank god? When was the last time you told someone you love them just because you did? If that's what you call maturity you are mistaken, it's called ingratitude and rudeness, it is also called pitiful.

When you're young you are devoted, when you grow old, make sure you mature right. Maturation is not outgrowing the basic acts of kindness and love, maturation is finding better ways to do them! I am ending this with a thought I recall from the past "You can't enter heaven if you don't have the innocence of a child".

Monday, September 2, 2013

Food Trip: Korean Food Pictures and Others

Korean foods are the trip nowadays. If you haven't tasted Korean cuisine, now is the time to it. Here are some pics of delicious Korean foods. Dig in, and enjoy the spicy sumptuous dishes.

All pictures courtesy of  Sir Nikes Alviz

Sushi: Image credit: Nino Alviz

Remarkable Thoughts about Death: Is there life after death? How do you cope with the death of a loved one?

 Guest Post by Lester

You are mortal, set to die. Living with so much pleasure? Can you face God? Can you tell your maker that you are but human? Following the whim of a foolish and mortal heart? Forgetting he who gave you all you have? Do you even pray before you close those eyes, that you may live for just one more day? Do you thank him when you wake? do you fear the threat of dying this very day? too much pleasure is forbidden that men will not be conceited. To fill one's heart with gold, with power and all the pleasures in this world. Do they even leave a place for the Lord in their heart?

Image credit: Eneil Castro

You may not believe in God but one day you will die, you can not take anything you have with you, you come as you came and leave empty handed. Was your life worth living? All your success is but a grain in the sands of eternity, undistinguished from all that you may deem meager. Laugh as you will, but what comes after? You, in the eyes of all you hate, will be in a memory fitting only of hell.

Living with pain can you ask him why? What if he answers "I gave you life"? The graves are swollen with unborn children yet you who was given life still asks me "why"? Why question? Why question he that gave you the breath of life? You look at pain and all the anguish and chaos this world has to offer but do you even lift your little toe to do a thing about it? You question God for what you suffer, but do you see what you have?

Do you remember the last thing you told someone moments before they died? Do you still remember the look on their face or if they had a tear in their eye? Did you tell them all you wanted to say? Did you criticize the life they had before they die? Do you tell a dying person that they will face God? Wisdom is wasted in the hands of a fool as foolishness is not even a faint whisper in the ears of the wise. You think you have everything? You think you've known suffering? You are not even a visible speck in the vast universe yet dare question and understand it's maker? What then will you answer if he asks "What have you done with your life"?

These are but words, depending on it's reader they bear no significance, empty and not even worth the time of reading. You may not believe in an afterlife or the presence of a God, but moments before your death, you might just ask why. Is there really an immortal being that cares for both you and I? What then will you say to him if you meet? If there is no God, would it hurt you to believe? Humans, difficult to understand, always asking, looking for something to cling to, something to hang on to, why not put your faith in a God? Perhaps you may even reap the rewards of your hopes and dreams?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Of Ignorance and Disgrace

 by Bianca Angela Evangelista

Nine hours, two minutes in the evening of November 10. One of the most confusing nights that headlines my life. Thoughts, oblique thoughts penetrate my mind.

Why do I feel this way? What does my mind contain? Will I make it through?

Puzzled, I see myself plunging into a pool of ignorance and disgrace. Yes, from the simplest things, like failing to notice a person seated beside me or a thing placed in front of me. Paying attention sometimes makes me want to chew up the scenery. Ham-fisted, I am known to screw things up. Covered in shame, in those difficult times, I just want to run away. I have to run away.

For a moment or two, there were a lot of people, whose opinions matter so much, that everything they would say will always be a great deal. You know, people who just do all the talking while I do the listening. Most of the time, I surprisingly find both of my arms suspended on a string, being controlled by ever-demanding people. And I just despise how I once admired them.

Looking on the brighter side, being bamboozled by people you love and you don’t will surely make you be more cautious, may they be trustworthy, unfailing, concerned, good listeners or just good speakers. It has been another puzzling day for me. Here I go again, seeing myself, plunging into a pool of ignorance and disgrace. This is not how it ought to be. This is not how they thought it would be. This is how it should be.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Poem: Bliss

Bliss in my thoughts when I met him Milieu changes into vivid from dim Flowers bloom as I were too Skies were enlightened, yes they do .

Bliss in my dreams when we became friends Stay asleep I desire, perceiving our trends His smiles always paint in my eyes when closed Pleasure I feel prevails in ocean’s coast.

Bliss in my heart when we both cared He never left me whenever I’m scared “I won’t leave you”, the promise he keeps Loneliness vanished, sweetness grips.

Bliss in my life when love bounds us So much happiness in me that cast For others he’s nothing, he’s only a stranger For me he’s perfect, he’s my everything forever -RassianMai

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back – Common Mistakes that Drive Him Away

There are several ways on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back. But before you focus all your energy on them, you must also know the common mistakes that girls make. This is because no matter how you follow the tips, they will never pay off if you keep on doing the wrong moves. The incorrect actions will only drive your man away. So, if you are serious in knowing how to get boyfriend want you back, here are the things that you must never do. 


If you think that being always around will win your boyfriend back, you are completely wrong. The number one rule for ex girlfriends is the “no contact rule”. You should stop following him wherever he goes and stop sending messages as they are no longer seen as sweet things to say to your boyfriend. Instead, he will view them as your desperate moves to get him back. Do not be like a maniac stalking him and checking on all his whereabouts. You will only look pathetic if you keep on terrorizing him and his friends with your presence. Instead, you need to get a life of your own. Get more sociable by surrounding yourself with other people. Set some distance until he realizes that he needs you in his life. This is an effective way on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back
Image credit: Brian Elevado

Non-Stop Explanation

Your man broke up with you because of a reason and it may not always be your fault, so stop explaining your side. Once or twice is enough. Do not explain more than that. He will not listen if you keep on insisting about the reasons why he should go back to you. The best way on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back is to show him that you can go on with your life even after the break up. Although you feel devastated, you will not allow the heartache to put your self-esteem down. Remember, you cannot convince your man to come back to you by enumerating all your good qualities. He has to see them naturally come out from you. One way on how to get your ex-boyfriend want you back is to improve and highlight your positive points. 

Making Him Jealous

Jumping on to another relationship or entertaining other suitors right away is not a good way on how to get ex boyfriend to want you back. In fact, this will ruin all your plans to win him back. Women who go on rebound relationships are not able to get their men back. They even fall into another problematic relationship. If you do not want to push your man away from you, stop making him jealous. Besides, it is never fair for another man to be used in your plans. 

Moving without a Plan

Another common mistake of women who fail to succeed on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back is working without a definite plan. You must understand the whole situation and know when and how to act appropriately. For example, you can think of cute things to say to your boyfriend. When you have a good plan, you can easily lure your man to go back to you.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Self-Assessment: Its Impact On How To Get Your Boyfriend To Want You Back

The moment a break up happen, most women tend to panic. The panic triggers  the ceaseless efforts to find ways and means on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back or how to get your boyfriend to want you back. Sorry to say but it looks like a pitiful situation you are in. Of course you’re hurting and not a single world can exactly describe the anguish you are feeling right now. No amount of words can truly express the pain you’re going through.

 If it’s any consolation, many have gone before you and survived it and so do you. It’s not the end of the world and the world will not stop for you. There are numerous methods introduced, but there is one vital aspect that was taken for granted and is never emphasized. That facet may prove that you no longer need techniques on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back or how to get your boyfriend to want you back.

You launch a self-assessment task to look deeper into your heart and soul. This is the one vital thing that most love advisers seem to neglect and not mention in their numerous techniques on how to get your boyfriend to want you back or how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back. In doing so, you are helping both you and him in dealing with the break up. You may be amazed at the things you will find out.

The self-assessment or reflection or soul searching is the process of deep critical analysis of yourself to find out your true emotions, motives and actions among others. You should ask yourself questions like do I still love him? Or I want him back because it’s the natural thing to do? Or is it because nature dictates that I need to have him because I can’t have him? Am I happy in my relationship with him? Do I truly want to be with him?

These are questions that you need to answer to be able to determine your true purpose in working on how to get your boyfriend to want you back.  When you do an in depth understanding of your feeling towards your boyfriend, you might end up learning things about your relationship and feelings towards him that you didn’t know existed. The worst thing that you can find out is you no longer love your boyfriend. When that happens, there is no use pursuing your efforts on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back.

Before jumping into implementing techniques on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back, you need to sit back and relax, it’s easier said than done but you have to. While at it, you let your mind be at peace even with the excruciating pain you’re feeling right now. Let it go, there is nothing you can do. You also need to acknowledge that the break up is real and accept it. Once you have accepted it you will have a more objective mind in looking back at your break up and your relationship with him.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Adorable Squirrel

Image credit: Brian Elevado

Coffee Connection

By: Camille Santos

Here she comes – a regular customer – this time she’s got a backpack. I bet she’s bringing her leather-bound, dog-eared notebook again; she does so every other day. It’s hard not to notice her because she comes in during the afternoon when there aren’t many customers around, and besides, she always orders the same beverage – iced café mocha, double espresso – and sits at the same table every single time she comes here.


Oh great! He’s behind the counter today. I’ve been looking forward to seeing him all week. I think he’s cool – I used to see him at school a year ago, I think he was taking up arts – but then he disappeared. I used to wonder where he went, because I think he is awesome, and it would be such a waste if he can’t complete his education – anyway. I found him here at the start of the new semester.
I better place my order now, though.


Okay, here we go!

I take her order. She goes to her usual seat at the far corner of the café. Something’s up with her today - her hair, maybe? Nah. I busy myself with preparing her drink. Business is quite slow today, though. No one has come in since lunchtime except her. Maybe it’s the weather.

Should I call out her name? Maybe – but hey, she looks busy. I wonder what she’s writing in that notebook. A poem? A story, perhaps? Or maybe she’s doodling in it, like I used to.

Okay. So maybe I should just approach her. Save her the trouble of fetching her drink from here.
[Chuckles uncomfortably]


My goodness. Is it just me, or is he walking towards me with my drink in hand?
I should probably be concentrating on my writing. I. Must. Look. Casual.

I put my notebook down and pretend to flex my fingers a bit, which, I realized, is pathetic – I haven’t been doing a lot of writing since I sat on this stool a few minutes ago. In any case, he places my drink on table with a generic “here you go”.

Oh. He’s just being nice.


And now I wait, hoping she comes across the note I have written on one of the table napkins.


Seriously, what the heck?! I spilled some of my drink onto my notebook. I must look like a total klutz to that guy at the register – not that he’s looking at me or anything… but still.


Okaaaaay… she spilled her drink.
[Clears throat]

Oh good, she’s grabbing some table napkins! I hope she won’t use the one I wrote my note on.


Good thing he gave me lots of table napkins. He must’ve anticipated this – is he psychic or something?
[Smiles to herself]

I should write about this sometime. Psychic barista! He knows your orders before you place ‘em!

What’s this?

“You have skin woven from the fibers
Of shooting stars and a voice that
Sounds like iambic pentameter
Sonnets in the summertime.
You are beautiful.
Keep smiling.”


Looks like she spotted my note. It’s a lame attempt at poetry, really. She’s looking around.
Look at me, look at me…


He’s looking at me expectantly from behind the pastry display shelf.

Our eyes meet.

He smiles a sheepish, somewhat goofy smile.


She raises her glass and smiles at me.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Thoughts: Some People La la la...

 By: Why Bee

It is said that the only thing permanent is change. I haven't lived that long a life but I've lived long enough to see people pass me by and change. Some of them I don't even think I know anymore. I sometimes stare at the grass and wonder how I grew apart from those I spent my childhood days with. Some of the people I used to know as sweet and simple are now daring and complicated some the opposite while a few never change.

A few days ago, I saw one of my favorite high-school classmates, she was dressed like any ordinary person going to church would but her face was still exceptionally beautiful. I was happy to see her after about 2 years of not seeing each other. I approached her even though she had a big entourage of friends and admirers. There I was, a small man in farmer's clothing coming near the center of attention and the people around had the expression in their eyes saying "Who are you little man?" To their shock she openly gave me a hug. She seemed very happy to see me too.

a few moments of talking to her and exchanging stories and the people around her mistook me for her uncle because of my mustache and the way I talked. I was beginning to think I wouldn't get home alive because of the way her admirers were looking at me. I was invited to come swimming them but I told her I was broke and can't pay for the resort's gate fee. Regardless of having no money with me at all, she gave me a free ride on her Van with her friends.

To clarify things she told them the long history we had together along with a few of our other friends. They laughed when they realized that we were merely good old friends, the girl I once knew as a sad and needing friend is now a beautiful flower admired by many.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Retrospection, Part 2: She left me her phone

By: Why Bee
Image Credit: Tiffany Manalang

During that agonizing one week stay I had at the hospital, I rarely had companions who were relatives. My mom would leave me her phone so I could contact her whenever I needed something like food etc. I was very choosy because my stomach got constantly upset because of the amount of Antibiotics being injected into my body. I had to clean up every time I vomit and I felt sorry for the nurses and midwife that cleaned my bedding daily. I couldn't help it as I was too weak to get up most of the time, going to the comfort never seemed more difficult to me.

I was very envious of the people who shared the room with me, they had their loved ones around. The room was air-conditioned. The cold temperature was unbearable in the morning especially because of the constant evening rains. Call me selfish but doesn't anybody else yearn for their loved ones when they're weak? I knew my little sister was sick at home too, I did get a visit from a few relatives once, I just wished they stayed through the night with me. I had to change the linen on my back by myself and change my clothes even with a dextrose on by myself but I always told myself these were little things I could do by myself.

I'm a grown up, at 20 years old I don't need the aid of people to look after me when I'm sick, that's what I kept telling myself. It was hard breathing since water was accumulating inside my right lung, the diuretic made me urinate a lot and forced me to go to the comfort room frequently, the dextrose was like a cross I had to carry around. the person watching over my Room-mate offered me help from time to time and my temperature was at a constant 39.8 degrees or more, reaching 40.3 I could barely stand.
It was that cold night when I was expecting my mom to stay with me at the hospital because I was feeling really weak.

She left me her cellular phone so I could contact her. She did come during the afternoon, I asked her to buy Oats since it seemed like the only thing I could digest , my stomach would vomit anything else I ate. I was waiting for her for some time to come back from the store, but she didn't come. I sent her a message asking her where she was but she would not reply. I had a feeling she went straight home. Had I told her how bad my body felt she probably wouldn't have left me, but as the eldest son it's my duty to put myself last. I didn't show her how weak I felt even when I was frequently vomiting I held it in while she was around. Thinking I was alright she rushed home to tend to my little sister. This I confirmed when I asked my other sister if she was there.

She said sent me a message saying she would come back. But it was raining hard. It was deep into the night and I felt something bad could happen if she came such a long way just to stay with me. Although very reluctant and weak I asked her not to come and that I would be fine. She said "Thank you for understanding and I love you". Shortly after I kept sneezing, with every sneeze a lot of blood rushed out of my head and the doctors had to inject a few Vials of paracetamol because my fever was at around 40.5 degrees. My platelets were down and I felt I was crashing down. They were considering transfusion but I said I didn't need it, I had a legal waiver but I thought it was relieving to receive a friendly message even at such a painful trial.

Remembering what she said, I closed my eyes and told myself I would be alright. I came out fine, I felt good just remembering how she told me she loved me for the first time in a very long time. even if it wasn't in person, I think it was enough. Most of the time Pain is just a passing thing, whatever good we can take we should, life doesn't last long and neither do trials. My fever went down a few days after, although rather lonely at the hospital I learned to make the best out of my agonizing situation and as an elder brother, I had to set an example even when I was coughing up blood, Pain doesn't equal love, but that doesn't make it above finding even the slightest happiness. I may be selfish but I'm not that Selfish or heartless, I'm glad I have simple joys, otherwise that simple message would never have given me any strength at all.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Retrospection: When It Rains...

 By: Why Bee

Have you ever had nights when you want to write the saddest things, listen to the most depressing songs and just get things out of your chest? When it rains they say it pours, but what do you do when there is no shelter from that rain? Who do you turn to when there is nothing left? What do you do when the people you rely on the most are gone and the rain won't stop pouring?

I was confined for a whole week at a Hospital in my home province. I had pneumonia and Pulmonary edema it was nothing compared to the situation my Ward-mates had. Over the course of my long and uncomfortable stay, I shared the ward with many a sick people. Many of who had perpetually sad eyes and equally downing stories. One man I shared the room with was suffering from stomach aches saying he hasn't defecated in four days. The doctors were going to look into him which would cost a lot of money.

He was a lonely middle-aged man from Matatalaib in Tarlac, his Ex-Wife came by to see him and so did some of his children. One as I recall came all the way from La Union, she was a Lesbian and didn't seem to have much concern, then again, who am I to judge anyone? Instead of cheering him up, one of his children asked him "Do you have money to pay for your operation?". Apparently, he didn't have any insurance. "I have money at the bank!" He answered bitterly. They exchanged a short and seemingly heated conversation. I was thinking to myself. One day, when I have kids, how should I treat them that I won't one day end up like that poor man. He spent most of the time alone in pain without much comfort from family or friends.

I wanted to ask him how he ended up in his situation, broken family and all, but I thought it would be intruding into his private life. At that time there was but two of us in the ward. My younger sibling caught a fever so my mother had to go home and I spent nights alone at the hospital that way I didn't have anyone to tell me not to stand up or walk around too much so I got to chat with my Ward-Mates. There was only one bed in our midst and from where I was he seemed like he had the world on his shoulders. I politely inquired how much he estimated the stay would cost him all in all, I recall him saying something at above P.25, 000. I wanted to ask him who would shoulder his expenses but from where I stood and based on what his children said to him the night before, It doesn't take a smart person to know he was pretty much on his own.

I felt sorry for him, as he was being taken to the ICU a lonely man, I don't recall seeing him again, I sort of wish I had the right words to say then and there to somehow ease his pain, but there are things we just can't do for other people. My youngest ward mate was around 19 years old, he met an accident with his elder cousin and friend, he seemed happy though, having many visitors and support from his family. It was relieving to see new blood in the ward. With the amount of old people I had as company, I was beginning to feel ancient.

He didn't stay for that long though, it was just about three days. I had returned to a lonely state with no one to talk to. I was tormented by such boredom that I resorted to playing Solitaire on a deck of cards I asked my mom to buy before leaving me at the hospital. I do not want to play solitaire again! the mere thought of shuffling the cards gives me head-aches.

I experienced relatives crying over a patient who's in a really tight situation. There was a Diabetic who needed emergency dialysis, his mother was crying and I felt a bit nervous for him. The lights went out because of a power-out, this was cause for equipment to stop working for some time although there were generators. Apparently, that short amount of time was all it took to put him in a grievous situation. I was rather lonely too. I had no one visiting me but at least I realized that other people around me had far bigger reasons to grieve and feel bad. They took the patient to the Intensive Care Unit and this time I was alone in the Ward.

It usually rained during my stay at the hospital. I felt sleepy most of the time, I had a lot of antibiotics and painful medication injected into my body. The next person transferred into the ward had Arthritis and needed Dialysis too. His relatives were fun people, I had such a good time with them, sharing stories, I recall the patient being a member of the Cabildo family. Not that I'm a sadist but It felt really funny to see how he seemed like someone with either Narcolepsy or Hypersomnia. The Nurses would extract blood from his veins and he'd fall asleep in between extractions. He even asked the nurses for their names and his wife said "What? You can still recognize beautiful girls in your state??" She laughs it off and so do the nurses.

Image credit: Annie Trinidad

After his Dialysis, he wanted to sit so his wife helped him up, but he didn't make it to the chair and instead sat on the floor, he looked so relieved and relaxed that the request was to be left there despite the nurses and Doctor's urging to help him up. They were such a sweet couple that I forgot how I was alone in the first place. Shortly after I was released from the hospital. I learned that no matter how out of place I may feel,humans have and adaptive trait that allows us to survive wherever we are or whoever we are with at that point in time. I learned that the world isn't on our shoulders to bear, a lot of people have bigger problems than I and I'm alive, that in itself, is an umbrella in the unending rain - the will to live on doesn't have to come from other people as long as we know how to save love for ourselves.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Flower Pictures

Image credit: Brian Elevado

How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back If He Suffered a Lot When You Broke Up

If you love someone you don’t usually go around breaking their hearts. If you truly love your boyfriend, you would not want to break his heart into pieces. This is applicable especially if you are not sure if you still have feelings for him. If you have broken up with him and suddenly realized you love him after all, then you would like to know how to make your ex boyfriend want you back.

The first thing to do is to ask him for his forgiveness and another chance to mend your mistake. Show your determination to get him back in your life by knowing all ways on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back. You have to accept your wrong decision and vow to correct your mistakes. Remind him of the happy moments you had together. One basic tip on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back is to show how worthy you are of his love. Change your bad attitude that had turned him off is one way on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back or how to make your boyfriend want you back.  
Image credit: Brian
Show your desire to get him back

Know sweet things to say to your boyfriend during times like this. This would show your desire to get him back. How to make your ex boyfriend want you back requires that you show that you are still interested in him. If you want to catch his attention, you can change your enhance your looks by visiting a parlor. Improving your physical appearance is one simple way on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back.
Maintain a strong relationship

Always evaluate your relationship and change for the better. Consider all the mistakes and make a conscious effort to mend your ways. How to make your ex boyfriend want you back can be crucial if you just keep prodding on without any direction. You should also give space to each other. When you know the effective techniques of how to make your boyfriend want you back, you would be able to maintain a strong relationship as soon as you get back together. 

Learn how to make your ex boyfriend want you back so that you would be able to make him back to you even after his heartaches. You should also know cute things to say to your boyfriend so that he’ll know you’re serious in asking him back. Listen to the advice of friends and family members as well so your techniques on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back would prove effective.

Love is a word, which means sharing and caring sincerely for someone. If you love and are loved in return, it can bring you happiness in life. Knowing how to make your ex boyfriend want you back, would pave the way toward your reconciliation and a second chance. How to make your ex boyfriend want you back means accepting him as a whole person and making sure that he does not suffer the same pain he suffered before in your hands.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Loving You, The Most Effective Way on How To Get Your Boyfriend To Want You Back

When break ups happen, the first thing that you would do is to think of how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back or how to get your boyfriend to want you back strategies and techniques. Some even go to the extent of utilizing unorthodox practices. There are millions of couples breaking up every day and the same number reconciling. The couples or one of the couples may have at some point made use of how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back strategies. It is not a taboo but it might backfire on you if you do not do it properly or when you over do it. With the increasing number of break ups, there is also a corresponding increase of demands for strategies on how to get your boyfriend to want you back.
This prompted the business minded people to launch programs and counseling on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back. Thus, thousands of advices are available on the internet but mind you there is one critical factor that is relegated to the sidelines that some advisers tend to take for granted. That is whether your boyfriend still loves you or not? Before you launch your how to get your boyfriend to want you back scheme, you need to know if he still loves you. This is the most important factor that you must consider in your plan to get him back. How to find out is another concern you need to face. There are several ways on how you can determine that.

No amount of how to get your boyfriend to want you back techniques and strategies can get him back to you if he doesn’t love you anymore. No matter if these are claimed to be the most powerful ways on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back.  He needs to be in loved with you to make him go back to you. If he doesn’t, then don’t waste your time. You may be successful in getting him back but believe it lady, he won’t stay.  You cannot force your boyfriend to love you when he can’t feel love for you. You will be fighting a fruitless war. Love cannot be forced. It has to grow from within him on its own. 

Here are some simple ways to determine if your boyfriend still loves you.

·         If he maintains an open line of communication between the two of you, in most cases it’s because he may still want you.

·         Take notice of the inconsequential things that he does  like he takes your hands while crossing a busy street, tells you a news before telling others and many more.
·         If he talks of his time with you unconsciously.

That major factor on how to get your ex boyfriend to want you back or how to get your boyfriend to want you back is he  still LOVES YOU. As earlier discussed, every action that you make in your attempt to get your boyfriend back is futile if he doesn’t feel any love for you anymore. In that case, you are better off to let go and move on. If you continue to expect him to go back to you, you are putting yourself to more pain and hurt. This may lead you to bitterness towards relationships and that is not a good thing to happen.