Saturday, August 8, 2015

Thoughts on Life, God and Love


“The difference between angels and demons? The angels follow the will of God while the demons find ways to justify that what they are doing wrong is right.”

“Heaven will not have me for I am neither hot nor cold, just a tasteless morsel that isn't really welcome to stay. Hell will accept anybody but I guess even the devil can be choosy. Purgatory won't have me either, they don't accept those that are hopelessly dirty. Earth has no choice I guess, but you can't really stop anyone from hoping can you? I don't know, maybe if I manage to fix myself one day a door will open and have me. Until then, I guess I'll just keep knocking.”

"Sometimes you want to talk to people but you can't because you are afraid of what they may say. Sometimes after saying something you're afraid of keeping the conversation going in fear of offending the person you are talking to. And then when you finally do offend them, you are afraid they will never talk to you again so you apologize, a lot. Sometimes, to no avail. Sometimes you want to keep people in your life but the more you hang on, the more they will push you aside because whether you intended it or not, your actions went overboard, you were just too much.”

“Sometimes , it's not that you don't want to say how you feel, you're just afraid things will go so bad; that you will lose the person you fought so hard to keep in your life. Then years later you realize it was all for nothing.”

“Deaf to advice but blind to one's own mistakes, the qualities of someone who should never be a leader.”

“Whenever I meditate I take myself back to the memories of that peaceful and beautiful place. I close my eyes and take a deep breath as I recall the events that took place and made me happy. Only to open my eyes and realize that I am not quite welcome there anymore.”

“There will always be bad people that you don't want in your life, the resolution is yours.”
“It doesn't matter how much you want someone to see you, it is and always be a matter of: are they willing to see you?”

“You had everything that you have ever wanted, even more than that. Just because you didn't get everything, it doesn't mean you've suffered. Your life is anything but tragic and there will always be someone else who suffered more than you.” 

“Sometimes in trying to make things perfect, you end up doing it wrong. The only way to really do something is to enjoy it.”

“Just because you're all grown up and acting mature it doesn't mean the kid in you is dead. There are just some things you can never outgrow because they are what make you who you are.”
“Take pride in your flaws, not everyone has the guts to give it a shot.”

“You won't understand a single thing if you cram and take in information simultaneously. The best way to study is to relax and let your lessons sink in with time.”

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