Thursday, August 6, 2015

Quotes on Life, Love and God

“Whenever I look up in awe of the skies, I can't help but raise an arm towards the clouds as if I can actually feel them. As I look on in admiration it doesn't take long to realize that they are far, far from my short reach and in reality I can only stand my ground, take a deep breath, close my eyes and pretend that I am up there with the clouds. Clouds in a way are like some people, far from my reach. I can talk to them and pretend the wind that blows from their direction is the reply. But there is no reaching them for they are far, far from my reach.”

“For an advocate of atheism you sure are lousy. Judging people who believe in god as if they are all the same. You hate on something you don't believe and mock what other people hold sacred yet you sit comfortably unwilling to lift a finger to help other people. You are quick to point out all the faults you see but never mention the good that you do see. Why don't you sit down in front of the mirror and write down all the imperfections you see in yourself and try not to lie about it? Things that happen, happen, and you have free will like everyone else. I don't know why things like cancer, violence and rape happens but I’m pretty sure we all have the free will to try and make a difference even if some things are out of our control, being pessimistic and judgmental, whiny and indifferent solves nothing. But prayer eases the heart and appeases the spirit.”

“Some People cheer violence and laugh at sincerity. Forgetting gratitude but strengthening their insecurities and minimizing trust. They jeer at a guy who has stumbled but won't budge to help them up. Mocking and questioning god when they have nothing to show for their pride and cold heart. Becoming less moral and more subversive as clothes get shorter and perfumes more tempting. Then you ask what is wrong with world? People, some people are what are wrong with this place.”

“You can't control how people will change but it is your choice to love them for whatever they become.”

“The criminal is not the person who steals for food. The criminal is the person who kills another man in the name of a misguided sense of patriotism and corrupted opinion of justice.”

“These people, who raise their hands in the sign of the devil, wear excessive make up, sell their souls for rock and roll and whatever they can sell it for. Going around with a silly pentagram and tattooing the number of the beast on their forehead as if it makes them look tougher. These aren't Satanists; these are just some poor stupid fools thinking the devil gives a damn about whether they dress up as a practitioner of black magic or a chicken suit. The real Satanists are the people who use the name of god, faith and country to further expand their power and multiply their riches while other people starve in the streets. A good example is that black b__d whose heart is blacker than his skin.”

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