Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Quotable Quotes on Love, Life and Anger

“One of the things you won't get from a book is experience.”

“People who love you for nothing will love you even when you've lost everything.”

“Wit is not measured by how much one can say and argue but by how much of it makes sense.”

“Some of the biggest prizes come after only the hardest of sacrifices.”

“Sometimes I sit and ask myself, when people are about to die? Do they ask in wonder of what comes after? Or do they just clasp their hands and hope they have done more right than wrong in their lives?”

“Right now you're angry but you won't be later. Right now you are confused but it will make sense later. Right now you are frowning but you may just be smiling later. So if you are angry, irritated or sad then keep calm and let it pass or you might just have a black eye later.”

“Why on earth would you fight fire with fire, knowing it could potentially cause higher casualties? If someone is burning with anger then grab a bucket of ice water and splash it continuously onto their face until they calm down. If you fight anger with anger then you are likely going to suffer many consequences.”

“You can't pass your skills on to another person but you can inspire them to develop their own and maybe they may even exceed you given time.”

“Yes you are clean, clean as a white piece of cloth without stain. But add a tiny speck and people will notice and judge you for your faults without looking at the parts that have no dirt. I am like a dirty rag, dirty regardless of how you clean it. No stain can add to my imperfections but though you may not want me, you will need me the next time you make a mess.”

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