Saturday, August 29, 2015

Quotes on Love, Life and Religion


 “Love isn't a tree that magically appears it is a seed that needs to planted, nurtured, cared for and frankly people are better at chopping trees down.”

“People should live long enough to suffer for their sins and realize their mistakes. Death is the easy way out and the coward's exit.”

Sagada Mountains, Image credit: Cioux Casala

“If you are going to establish your religion by targeting and pointing out the errors of other faiths you are better off raising a chick for cock fights. There's a reason why the Catholic faith does not hit back at other denominations attempting to smear mud upon it. It's because the faith believes in Love and turning the other cheek. I just wish more Catholics spent time actually listening to the Gospel, reading the holy book and trying to live the word in their life. It's sad to see that there are a lot of people who turn from the faith because they feel spiritually starved. You won't starve if you have the initiative to learn and understand what your faith is about. Don't limit yourself to just attending mass every Sunday. Your busy schedule should never be too busy for the one who gave you time to live in the first place.”

“Give the key to your happiness to someone else and they'll forget they even had it. Give the key to your happiness to the lord, you will see everything you had ever gone through was worth it.”

“Some people will repay your love but some people will leave you with a hurting heart and a sack of broken promises.”

“Sometimes, in trying to fix the hole in the hearts of other people by pouring out your love for them, you end up draining yourself and lose sight of who you are in the process.”

“A pretty face isn't of much use, unless you are joining a pageant, attracting people's attention /drawing their admiration or finding a potential mate. It's easy to damage those delicate faces , a single scratch across the cheek and it dampens their appeal. A good attitude however is harder to crush especially when the person is patient. Aside from which it makes the atmosphere feel better and people stay with you longer.”

“Most of the time, smart people speak plainly and put things on a level you can understand.” “Idiots make no sense in attempting to make things sound smart and complicated.”

“Just because you're not getting love from the person you want it to come from, it doesn't mean you're not getting any. Sometimes people forget how much care and affection they are actually getting when it's not coming from the person they love most.”

“You never really know who's happy with their life and who's getting ready to call it quits. One moment you're talking to someone, the next they're in a box.”

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