Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Quotes on Life and Love


Life isn't about choices, having more money than some else or who gets the trophy and who ranks more, life is just being happy enough to want to live the next day.

On their way home from Sunday service a pastor and a tired office worker sat together at the terminal seat, waiting for a jeepney.

Lifting the soda can from his mouth the pastor blessed a passing beggar and noticed the office worker digging deep into his pocket.

Giving a single coin to the beggar. Pastor: That beggar is dying of hunger and you gave him a single coin?

Brother, remember the lesson about giving what you have? Office worker: Well sir, at least he doesn't have a vulgar and irritable boss breathing down his throat every day; water bills, electric bills, taxes, customers to satisfy.

All-nighters with no sleep but work the next day.

Debts, five children, pesky in laws a nagging wife who thinks you're cheating on her when in fact you're killing yourself just to make sure your children have something to eat.

Saying sorry to your daughter because you can't afford to send her to school. Slowly going crazy just trying to make ends meet and passing out because you haven't eaten but need to work. How does your soda taste?

I don't know because I can't even afford the full ride home. I have to get down halfway and walk the rest of the road on my tired legs. I don't see you dropping a single coin? Shall I give the beggar all my problems because that is all I have?

"Don't judge the way other people are trying to help regardless of your status in life. You never know how much other people are actually giving because you are not them. You are free to preach but not to judge."

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