Monday, September 2, 2013

Remarkable Thoughts about Death: Is there life after death? How do you cope with the death of a loved one?

 Guest Post by Lester

You are mortal, set to die. Living with so much pleasure? Can you face God? Can you tell your maker that you are but human? Following the whim of a foolish and mortal heart? Forgetting he who gave you all you have? Do you even pray before you close those eyes, that you may live for just one more day? Do you thank him when you wake? do you fear the threat of dying this very day? too much pleasure is forbidden that men will not be conceited. To fill one's heart with gold, with power and all the pleasures in this world. Do they even leave a place for the Lord in their heart?

Image credit: Eneil Castro

You may not believe in God but one day you will die, you can not take anything you have with you, you come as you came and leave empty handed. Was your life worth living? All your success is but a grain in the sands of eternity, undistinguished from all that you may deem meager. Laugh as you will, but what comes after? You, in the eyes of all you hate, will be in a memory fitting only of hell.

Living with pain can you ask him why? What if he answers "I gave you life"? The graves are swollen with unborn children yet you who was given life still asks me "why"? Why question? Why question he that gave you the breath of life? You look at pain and all the anguish and chaos this world has to offer but do you even lift your little toe to do a thing about it? You question God for what you suffer, but do you see what you have?

Do you remember the last thing you told someone moments before they died? Do you still remember the look on their face or if they had a tear in their eye? Did you tell them all you wanted to say? Did you criticize the life they had before they die? Do you tell a dying person that they will face God? Wisdom is wasted in the hands of a fool as foolishness is not even a faint whisper in the ears of the wise. You think you have everything? You think you've known suffering? You are not even a visible speck in the vast universe yet dare question and understand it's maker? What then will you answer if he asks "What have you done with your life"?

These are but words, depending on it's reader they bear no significance, empty and not even worth the time of reading. You may not believe in an afterlife or the presence of a God, but moments before your death, you might just ask why. Is there really an immortal being that cares for both you and I? What then will you say to him if you meet? If there is no God, would it hurt you to believe? Humans, difficult to understand, always asking, looking for something to cling to, something to hang on to, why not put your faith in a God? Perhaps you may even reap the rewards of your hopes and dreams?

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