Saturday, June 20, 2015

How to Know If Your Spouse Still Loves You

No matter how situations are in your relationship there are words that you should never say to your partner.  Once you say things you can never get back the words.

Words are the most powerful weapon you can use against your partner. If you want your relationship to last, then you should avoid saying these hurting words.

“I regret the day I met you.”

When you say these words, you are saying so many things, such as,

“You’re nothing to me now,” “You’re unworthy,” and several negative interpretations, which are hurtful. Once you inflict this pain, the scar would always be there to haunt you for the rest of your life.

“You’re a slut.”

If you are a man, never say these words. This is an insult, as well as a slap. Not even a person who characterizes that adjective wants to be called as such.

You should never say these words because you are attacking the core of her being, her character. Talk about the situation and do not attack her character. Character is the only thing left for a broken-hearted woman.

“You’re a good for nothing …”

Again, in this sentence, you would be attacking your partner’s character. You are putting a label on your partner using a personal attack, which should not be the case.

Let go of personal insults, and talk about the situation or incidence, without degrading the morale of one another.

“You’re ugly.”

The day you say this to your partner means that you no longer love her/him, because couples who still love one another would see each other as the loveliest or most handsome person in the planet. Saying "you're fat" is also mean-spirited.

Attacking the person’s physical characteristics, because the outward appearance is a relative thing.

Persons may see things differently; what is beautiful to you may look ugly to some people, and vice-versa.

“I don’t love you anymore.”

Unless you mean it, never say these words, even in jest, because it is a direct declaration that would hurt the person you love, tremendously.

This statement is the end of the line for any relationship. Don’t say it, if you don’t intent to break off right after the words come out of your mouth. You can never take it back again.

If you value your relationship, these are the words you should never say. There are still several of these words; you just have to determine yourself what would hurt your partner or not, and follow your heart.

When you love a person, you would learn to say only loving words.

Learn to say "Thank you"  and "I love you" as often as you can. One pointer that you may want to remember is to be generous with praise but slow with your criticism.

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