Sunday, February 17, 2013


Render Him thyself, He knows what to do
Escape from thy thoughts; let Him conquer thy life too
Deep gratitude, He expects to come from you

Once committed to Him thou shall praise loudly
Rude things may come instead; blame softly
Amidst thy journey, along are frustrations
Neglect what’s happening, whisper thy devotions
Greatest was He of all the superlatives
Evidence of providence, indeed He never leaves

Yet He never fails to love us genuinely
Eternal life He assures, truly, really, endearingly
Luxury thou shall have when serving Him with sense
Lavish kindness, He owns bounds Thy bestowed greatness
One thing Thy assure when foresight gets blurred
We focus on Him, everything gets clearer

Glorify, worship, laud, extol
Reverence He deserves, praise Him after all
Engage in His words, in gusto, in zest
Evil sometimes dominate, people crawl
Ne’er-do-well thou might be but He’ll never let you fall

Buried thyself alive you think when you’re lost
Lynch in earnest you regard not minding what it costs
Up there, look up, let Him take over
Enlightened by Thy strength He’ll accompany you forever

In time thou shall come to the end of your way
No hard feelings just kneel and pray
Death is not a period, it’s only a comma
Indeed He offers eternity explicit in dogma
Gracious Throne above benevolently showers mercy
Oh GOD, in Thy hands, be all declared Thy glory

PRISMATICATED? There’s no such thing like this, really. It was my friend who suggested me this title (credits to him). I was about to write something related to God, relating His gratefulness with colors, so I thought of a “rainbow”. I remembered what I’ve read in an article then, stating that rainbow is an Arc of PRISMATIC COLORS. Sounds catchy. So I made my title that way. I was about to finish YELLOW when I asked my friend if he could help me find a better one. I told him, “ampanget kase ng title ko eh, PRISMATIC COLORS”. And then he said, “PRISMATICATED”. I hurriedly consult my dictionary to check for that term and no such word was found. So I asked him what that means, and he answered wisely, “ginawa ko lang verb yung prismatic. Alisin mo na yung ‘color’, kase it means na pag nakilala mo si God, ma-fifill ng colors yung buhay mo… prismaticated”. Thaaaaaaat! Revived my thoughts!! Very well explained, HAHA. That’s how I came up with my title.

Colors and their Meanings (based on my own opinion and perception)

·         RED – COMMITMENT
We are all knowledgeable that Red symbolizes Love, and love starts with commitment. If we will commit and render our lives to God, we will be occupied with no worries in the world. Love Him, let Him direct our Lives.

Orange is full of life, vigorous, sprightly. If we will praise Him, our lives will be filled with happiness. He is the King. He is the Superior. No one can ever make us happy the way He does.

·         YELLOW – LIGHT
When there is God, there is Light. And when there is light, there is Hope.

·         GREEN – PRAISE
Everything around us is green. Trees, grasses, mountains... Which points to the Master of these Creations. And so, offer our homage to God. He is Everything. He deserves to be worshiped.

·         BLUE – HARDSHIPS
A lot of people say, “God won’t give us problems if He knows that we can’t overcome such”. Practically speaking, it’s true. No trial would cause us despair if we know God’s reasons for allowing it.

·         INDIGO – DEATH
Since then, I thought of VIOLET as the color of death (it’s my own opinion, haha), and indigo, is closely related to the said color. I presented in the last part that we shouldn’t be afraid of dying. IT IS A CLEAR PICTURE OF ETERNAL HAPPINESS, WITH GOD.

That’s all Folks!


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