Saturday, June 18, 2011

Love Letter for Someone I Miss

Dearest Kevin,

I don’t know how to start this letter. You’ve been  gone  for only  10  days  and it  feels  like  you’ve  been   away for 10 decades.  How could I express how I long to hear your voice every morning when I wake up? How could I tell you that I yearn for your smell when I snuggled under the bed sheets?  How can I let you feel how I have longed for the warmth of your kisses and love?

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I stand in line at lunch and think back to the time that you pampered me with delicious muffins and fast food marvels. They seem to taste bland now and I barely touched them. The once colored environment has turned gray and my breath hangs suspended whenever I see that red and green color that was familiar to us.

And do you remember the numbers 515? 418 and 222? LOL...I am smiling now as I have nearly placed a bet on these numbers at the lottery jackpot.  Now, I know you’re smiling too, as you were the one who have mastery of numbers and dates.  I have always marveled at your skills in math.

What about the time when you and I thought it would be cool swapping our t-shirts.  Your scent on me and my scent on you. That was totally juvenile…but it made as happy. Simple little things that made our days so much fulfilled.

Now, I’m staring at the spaces in my screen and know that I cannot simply express the depth and length of how much I miss you.

Suffice to say that the thought of you and your love have kept me going and alive.

Take good care of yourself and try not to miss me as much as I do you.

With so much love,

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