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A Slice of Heaven

A Slice of Heaven
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Angelica had doubts at first whether to keep her meet up with Jerome.  But everything seemed to fall into place; the bus came on time, the stormy weather the previous day turned sunny and there were no incidents along the way that would have stymied Angelica’s scheduled event for the day. 

She stared at the window of the departing bus with a wistful and dreamy look in her eyes. She was going back in time, 38 years ago when she was still in 4th year high. The memories assailed her as if they were just like yesterday.  Her funny escapades, her triumph in her academic subjects, the first stirrings of first love, and her very first junior-senior’s prom – with Jerome.

He was one of the rare male species who was the “silent’ type then, intelligent, sharp but still unsure of himself. And because of this Angelica found him surprisingly interesting and “attractive.” He was one of a kind, unlike the rowdy and infantile boys, who always swaggered with vanity thinking they were the best looking boys in class.

Now, after 38 years, she was meeting him once again, a dream come true for her. She had never imagined that it would happen even in her wildest dreams. "Nothing happens by chance, everything happens for a reason."

What happened during the long years of separation came flashing by like scenes in a movie. First year college was a “fearful” adventure for Angelica.

“Angelica Razon, BSC block section A,” the enrolment secretary announced. She was seated in one of the benches, feeling lonely; feeling alone in a room full of people. She kept telling herself, this is what college is all about, being self-reliant and independent. There were no high school friends to talk to or get advice from, except – Jerome.

The letters of Jerome were like brilliant rays of the morning sun, brightening her days then. She looked forward to every letter that came from a common friend. Jerome was studying in Cebu while she was in Manila, and the distance had made their young love seemed like a newly opened rose petal experiencing its first dew drops. They met very rarely, but it meant the entire world to Angelica. It was one of the happiest moments of her life.

Fate had other plans though because in third year, the letters stopped. Angelica’s letters remained unanswered.  The communication had stopped altogether and life went on as usual.

Time cures all wounds as Angelica’s young love scars did. And now, she was going to meet him again, after 38 long years. She was like a schoolgirl meeting her first date. The racing pulses, the inexplicable joy, the butterflies in her stomach, the breathlessness, she was going back in time to the joys of first love.

The din of the busy metropolis announced her arrival at the city. She was anxious. Would Jerome still like what he will see now? The older version of the Angelica that he once knew and loved? Would he still want her?  The questions assailed her as she waited nervously inside the room.

The minutes ticked by, an hour had passed. She kept pacing, fearful of what would happen. Then the appointed time came. She listened with joyous anticipation of his footsteps. Then there were measured steps approaching; a knock, her heart double-flipped as she opened the door. 

There he was standing at the door, smiling, just as she imagined him to be. The same Jerome she had loved 38 years ago. The action was spontaneous, she rushed to his arms, and they kissed hungrily, seeking each other's tongue, filling in those long hours of longing and uncertainty in the past. They were frantically grappling at each other, tearing the last shreds of clothes they had on. The passion palpated inside the room, as the two naked bodies cavorted and tasted the essences of each other pleasurably, until they were satiated. 

But it was not enough, the second time was more gentler and sweeter. They took time drinking and savoring the nectar of Utopia.  When Jerome's lips nestled in Angelica's womanhood, Angelica delightedly gasped in surrender. They basked in wanton earthly sensations that Angelica had only discovered then. The moment was a slice of heaven handed down from paradise.

There were many questions that they wanted to ask each other, but they could wait. Words were not spoken, as time stood still as the world revolved around the two long lost lovers who have not seen each other for almost a life-span. It was one of the sweetest and most pleasurable experiences of Angelica’s lifetime.

Jerome revealed that he had thought it was Angelica who did not reply to his letters and Angelica thought the same too. The truth was somewhere along the line, one letter may have not been delivered, causing the rift. In between their exquisite moments of fulfilled carnal desires, they learned about what had all transpired with each other's lives in the past 38 years. They basked in their slice of heaven, over and over, and they were both so happy and satiated with their moment in time.

But as the night of love, passion and revelation wore on, reality slowly surfaced. When morning finally dawned, Angelica came to the realization that it would be a once in a lifetime experience, the first and the last encounter with her young love – Jerome.

Jerome had to go back to his family and she to hers.


  1. Grrrr. Our characters must really hate us, sometimes, for the things we do to them.

    I had a feeling things would end this way, but you were both kinder and crueler than I expected.

  2. You're right Holly. We torment our characters, perhaps a way to exorcise our own demons??? I can act as executioner for certain characters?? he he he....

    When I started writing at age 12, I had killed my first heroine and I was scared then because it made me feel smug, like some kind of "god." That was some sort of power, which I had enjoyed up to now...

    I was wondering if the texts border on soft "porno?" LOL.

    You're a great writer, you may have presented it in a different manner. TC.

  3. which reminds me... I need to call an "old friend" lol!

    "time heals all wounds" is a cliche, it doesn't erase the scars though

    nice story Jen. good to see you "writing" again ;)

  4. Ohhh... Thought this one would end up "and they lived happily every after"..

    Not really a fan of unhappy endings, but this one captured my interest :)

  5. Hello Roy,

    Lol, you do certainly need some "cheering up." ha ha ha....If you know what I mean.

    Ooops, okay, I'll keep my mouth shut.

    Yes, it's been quite a while that I have "generated" a story again.


  6. Hi Minnie,

    Nice of you to drop by. Yes, the ending is somewhat sad? But "nothing happens by chance, everything happens for a reason," so they say.

    Perhaps, I'll be writing a sequel? lol...Now that you've given me an idea, I think I will. Come back for the happy ending...


  7. I thought they would end up with each other ---happily ever after. But geez, it's tragic ....and sinful...Wahhh!

  8. Hello Bing,

    I don''t blame you for your a term to describe it. It could also be Love knows no boundaries...he he he...just as a rebuttal. lol. Take care. ANd come back for the

  9. People who are good and show mercy go to hewaven,I know thisa sounds crazy you were supposed to go to heaven 7 years ago.Instead he trused the people of California.

  10. I would like to have your permission to use your picture stairway to heaven on my website.

  11. Hello Jumpin,

    Sure, just give due credit. Thanks.