Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to the Best Mom in the World

Hello Mother,

It’s one of those rare occasions that I remember you.

Sometimes life gets so complicated and toxic

That you pass like a blur in front of me too.

I couldn’t even cast you a glance because I’m too in a hurry.

Work awaits and the kids’ need me with their homework.

Hi Mother,

Although I’ve been remiss, let me greet you now

With “Happy Mother’s Day!”, I love you!

Are you still there to listen to what I’m saying?

I brush you aside and take you for granted.

Now, I’m telling you, I’m still the same girl,

Whom you have held close to your breast as I suckle,

Whom you have held tight to teach me to walk,

Whom you have taught valuable lessons in life,

Happy Mother’s Day
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And whom you have reminded daily that life is not easy,

But, I should make the most out of it and enjoy the ride.

You’ve brought me into this world, and for that alone, I love you.

Mama, Happy Mother’s Day!

You are the best mom in the world!


  1. Funny that my daughter probably thinks the same thing about her mom!

  2. Hello Nancy,

    Nice of you to drop by. What a coincidence with all mothers, lol..take care and happy mother's day to you.

  3. Next stop, fathers day for next month. :)

  4. Hi Noromor,

    Indeed, Father's day upcoming.