Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Ruminating...

Just Ruminating...

I can say I am in a farouche mood today,
trying to fletcherize my thoughts,
if that is possible at all.

But estivating in my room,
due to conjunctivitis,
propels me to experiment
with these highfalutin words
that I fail to comprehend myself.

It feels great just to play with them.


  1. My mind starts gasping for oxygen after the first line. Oh dear, you're very naughty - and even before Santa makes his delivery of Yule gifts yet. How brave!

  2. Hello Jan,

    he he he...how are you. you've not been exhaling for long now, how come? Merry x mas in advance. Take good care of yourself now.

  3. Fletcherize? Did you just make that one up? Farouche. Estivating. Highfalutin. Wow! Never heard or read any of them until now. LOL.

    I finally wrote a real blog post since July 2010!

    Hope everything is good on your side.


  4. hello Tasha,

    Been so busy , not able to blog anymore..yes they're real existing words. lol...They're emailed to me everyday. Just wanted to experiment with them. Take good care of yourself.

  5. Sorry for late reply. It is only now, I was able to visit this blog again..lol...neglected.

  6. Highfalutin is right!! as an amateur (student) editor, i've scanned or read through the dictionary numerous times to check for spelling, and i can't recall going through those words!lol..

  7. hI Ajchtar,

    Well, you can shoot some highfalutin words yourself, you've been writing for quite sometime now.