Friday, January 21, 2011

Now that You're Gone

Why do I miss you now that you're gone?
I searched my soul for a vestige of you, but I could find nothing.
Entered the crevices of my mind to have a glimpse of you once again, but all I saw was emptiness.
I beseeched the high heavens to give you back to me, but it remained deaf to my cries.

I imagined  you flying on the wings of  ululating notes and cherubic voices.
of dancing G clefs, flats and sharp minors. But that can never be.
Because along with the clamor of my soul and the desire of my heart, is uncertainty.
Now I stand alone staring at the mountain top, thinking what could have happened if you and I were together.

And I suddenly realized, it was meant to be.
For you are destined to remain a song in my heart,
A pipe dream; just the offal of my yearnings to become a musician.
A composition that would remain
a composition forever.


  1. Hi Alexys,

    Sorry for the late reply, been very busy..Thanks. I've always wanted to pursue my dream of being a songwriter and musician , but I guess music would not wait for me to spare it some time...loll. so it left me...but I will pursue it eventually, my heart desires...God bless.