Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Painful Past

I stood astride your songs,
In pulchritude we joined.
You with your mellow prongs,
I, with my opened loins.

We earned each accolade.
Our fame is all aflame.
We feasted on the glade.
And wealth we too proclaimed.

Alas, it did not last,
As all would come to pass.
I sit here quite aghast.
You're now under the grass.

I grieve my painful past.
Our days that should have been.
I sigh and say Alas!
We never will be seen.

Oh, Elvis where are you?
I yearn each day for you,
Hopeful that you could play.
My strings again someday!

Photo courtesy of Nikes Alviz


  1. Jena! I don't know whether to gasp, to cringe, or to laugh out loud - but this poem made me do all three. The unexpectedly erotic, the sort of matter of fact rhyming mention of death in the third stanza, and the realization - at the last moment - who the subject was...

    Love it. So appropriate, on so many levels. I think we all have "painful" moments like this from our past.

  2. I love it. The last four lines say it all.

  3. Hi Heather,

    He he he...loins, I love that word, it can connote almost anything. You're not thinking what I'm thinking...he he he...

  4. Hi Holly,

    I'm glad that it made you do all three. Very simple lines really, - just to relax...I'll write something similar to the magical and mysterious verses our poet-cum- doctor , or doctor-cum-poet dish out, when I'm not so mentally fatigued. he he he.

  5. Hello Joan,

    It's good of you to have dropped by and I'm flattered you love the poem. I was thinking of you with my incoming poetry project. I hope you can participate. All the best.

  6. You got me imagining something naughty and erotic with "pulchritude (I had to look this one up}, prongs, loins, aflame, and feasted". Hee,hee.


  7. Oh boy. It started off so serious and sexy. Then I had to chuckle at the final stanza.

  8. Hi Tasha,

    He he he, I was thinking of your romantic novel too. Actually this poem has been published already at

  9. Hello Jean,

    I'm glad it made you chuckle. That's enough reward for me. All the best.

  10. Holy loins! Hehehe!
    A PG 13 post. bow.

    I'm a very visual person - and this poem just made me blush. wah!

  11. Holy loins indeed. Nice poem, very diverse in terms of the theme and emotions.

    PG 18 on me, LOL!

  12. Brilliant poem. I wouldn't have thought this was talking about a different thing. ;)

    Some pretty sensuous lines at the beginning must have roused the readers, I was. he he he.


  13. Hi Doc Z,

    At last you've found the road that leads to... here.

    I'm glad the poet gave his nod of approval. I have been wary you'll be punctilious about the form. Kidding...

  14. Ganda ng poem! Keep it up, Jena! :)

  15. Hi Dee,

    Thanks, regards to Master Jedi Luke. we do miss him.

  16. Hi Jena,

    I love the way interpret death and it made me smile. "You're now under the grass." Lols.

    Great Poem.

    Jhong Medina

  17. Hi Jhong,

    Thanks, I thought you would zero in on the first 4 lines,,,he he he...Cheers!

  18. I sit here gasping at all these opened loins! Just kidding... I kept checking for a byline other than yours. Surely some guest writers wrote this?! This is a surprise, Jen.

    Must please you you've made your fans and friends a bit uncomfortable, eh? Must be fun pulling this pleasant surprise.

  19. He he he Jan, it's because I know I can write these lines and still be let out of the hoop. If you're not green minded - oops, then you'll see the lines in a different perspective. These indicate the "pick" and the "instrument". he he he See?

    But kidding aside, these are all facts of life that should be dealt with accordingly. As long as they're not outright indecent, then they should be fine.

  20. everyone got a past, there is good and bad in between.

  21. Hello , I hope she wins.

    hello Sherry,

    Yes, that;s a truth we have to accept. Cheers.