Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arvie Vitente and Warrior is a Child

Arvie, is Sir Arvie to many of his students. He's a brilliant educator, an excellent singer and a wonderful "adopted" son.

Here he is singing one of my favorite songs - The Warrior is a Child". Do play it twice to allow it to load properly, thanks.

I apologize for the wrong spelling. It has to go back to the MMC if I were to edit it again.


  1. Arvie was the guy singing when you called me up months ago? Must be at a school function? You said your son was singing, remember? Ahehehe. So, this is Arvie, your second son. ",)

  2. Arvie!

    I felt inspired by the song. Well, who wouldn't? It's a big song, but you delivered it man. You got the vocals and the stance of a star!

    Congratulations Dawg and welcome to Hollywood!

    Ooops! Got carried away. I thought I was Randy Jackson at American Idol.


    Such a gifted son you got here. Educator and Singer, geez where was I when that manna fell from the sky?


  3. He's great! :D
    I used to sing this song too for my auntie's church. lol. :D

  4. Hi Jan,

    Yes, he was the guy you heard on the phone. You should hear him sing "I'll be There" by Martin Niviera..

  5. Hi Rey,

    Coming from a superb singer like yourself, I am honored and I'm sure Arvie too.

    Do you know that he's also enrolled in the Doctorate program for Public Health at your alma mater - UP?

    Sometimes, I see him as superman, being able to do all these toxic activities simultaneously.

    When I asked him how he could do so, he said: "I enjoy what I'm doing."

  6. I love this song too...and I love singing this song, especially when no one listens. :D

  7. he he he Elmot, you have your own talent too.