Thursday, July 30, 2015

Picture of Landscapes, Sagada Underground River

One of the wonders and tourist spots of Sagada, Mountain Province is its underground river. Here's a picture taken by Cioux Casala during a tour of the province.
Underground River in Sagada, Image credit: Cioux Casala

Quotable Quotes on Love, Life and Humanity


“Attacking the person speaking the truth doesn't change the fact that what he is saying is true.” “If you don't want to listen to reason but you don't know what to do with your life then be quiet and let other people live theirs.”

Quotable Quotes on Love

“Before you give your heart to someone make sure they have a beating heart. Not a frozen organ or hole in their chest.”

“I don't presume to know more than other people especially when it comes to habits and vices. I don't think I know better than what they want to do with their life but if there is anything I believe I have all the rights to say, it's more along the lines of " see you in the Emergency room" where I get to say "I told you so"

“No, you don't know that eating too much, getting too drunk, smoking a cancer stick and doing drugs is bad for your health. You don't know because if you did, you wouldn't be doing it.”

“Only two things can happen, either you will or you won't. How you handle the outcome determines if it was worth it or not.”

“If the only thing you seek to satisfy are your mortal needs then your spiritual necessities will suffer.” “People get lost in seeking the path to righteousness because they choose to lead themselves instead of putting their faith in their maker.”

“Never let your anger overpower your love. You will only regret hurting the people you love after the deed is done.” “People who understand the good book know better than to fight over its contents.”

“A decade of friendship and still that proud arrogant prick managed to throw away Ten years of my trust into the pit. I hope that monster gets back while the pit is still hot.”

“Don't ever be too confident in your own brilliance that it becomes arrogance. When a good person makes a mistake he is easily forgiven. When a proud man makes a mistake, many will be waiting to push down deeper.”

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Original Quotable Quotes on Love, Education, and Life

By: Lester Taga Capas

“The best way to enjoy eating is to share your food with someone. Not only are you satisfying the hunger in your stomach but the hunger of the spirit to constantly do good to others.”

“I dislike conceited people who think everyone else is below them. Even if their brains were served to me on a golden plate drizzled with olive oil, lined with thyme, white truffles, and a beautifully blended sauce of apples, red wine and beef stock cooked to perfection, with a side dish of red ripe tomatoes and perfectly cooked small slice of steak. I would throw it out and feed it to the flea infested dogs that scavenge through waste cans for food. Before which I would beat it with a shovel like an empty soda can. No matter how you serve trash, it will always be the garbage that it is. Their brain on a plate no matter how garnished is excrement no less. Foul with pride and drenched in the repulsive stench of stupidity. Not even a desperate zombie in dire straits would waste time cracking open their skull to get to the emptiness within.”

“If you reject someone's apology because you are looking for trouble, do not be surprised when you get it.”

“A sincere apology is an admittance of humanity and example of one's strength in spirit. It is in no way a weakness for it is proof that we are responsible and aware of our actions.”
“You can't really expect other people to show the same level of kindness you have given them. But you can always look forward to someone doing worse than what you have done to them, intentional or not.”

“Give someone your heart and they might drop it. Hold it with them and it will be intact even if the other lets go.”

“You can teach a man to carve an artwork from a piece of wood but their work and yours will never be exactly the same. He can never make a piece of art with the same effort that you have put into yours but he may one day hone his skills to exceed yours. Never expect another person to be able to fill in your place the exact same way you did. But you can look forward to them doing better.”

“The foundations of our humanity are built on our ability to help and love others in the name of Charity, conscience and good will. Without which you are something other than human.”
“Just say what you have to say and be careful how you say it. Tell people what you need them to hear not what you think will please them. It is better for you to be honest about a leak you can't fix than have an ugly water bill after.”

The Virgin Mary's Various Faces

The Blessed Virgin Mary is a symbol of strength, courage and fortitude for Christians. She is the Mother of Jesus Christ and is the Mother of Christianity. Here are pictures that represents the different faces of the Virgin Mary.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Laboratory Pictures and Images

Laboratory apparatus materials are needed in the performance of experiments. Here are some of the most common lab instruments that are used in the clinical laboratory.
The Water Bath - used in heating and incubating solutions
Hot plate/rotator - use to heat and dissolve solutions
centrifuge - machine used to settle down solutions of different specific gravities
Microtome - use to cut ribbon tissues
Centrifuge - same as above
microscopes - use to observe microscopic organisms

Quotable Quotes about Life, Love, and Humanity

Quotable Quotes by: LESTER TAGA CAPAS

“People who point out your natural imperfections are overlooking your maker's efforts to make you special.” 

“Ignore the empty headed imbeciles who are never satisfied with you regardless of your efforts. They, who are blind to your hard work, do not deserve your company.” 

“People who remember when they are wronged but ignore when they are loved just have trust issues.” 

“I pity the kid whose parents never allowed the child to play in the rain every once in a while. You may fear for the child's safety but don't let that get in the way of the kid having a happy childhood, everyone deserves the simple joys in life.” 

“To force an orchid to bloom is to sentence it to an early withering. Because of the use of fertilizers, the bottom flowers are dying even before the top can bloom. The flowers were big and healthy, but inside they lacked the strength they would have gotten more nurturing time. Same thing can happen to a person. If you force them to bloom they will likely have weak and wavering foundations.” 

“Don't wear out the people who love you whether or not the sun is shining. These are the people who will do everything they can to keep you warm in the rain.” 

“To be hurt by a stranger is no more lasting or superficial than the wound. To be hurt by someone you love pierces straight through the heart, and whether or not they help you mend determines much of how long the pain will last.” 

“Sometimes you just have to open your mouth as wide as you can and take in as much air as possible before letting it out. Just don't keep it open too long. Jaw pain is never pretty.” 

“Man and all his knowledge and ingenuity can never make anything without the materials the lord has already made.” 

“The sandwich will never speak ill of you, it will never betray you for it is loyal and unwavering. Treat the sandwich with care and it will satisfy your hunger not thirst. You can't drink a sandwich. But the sandwich will definitely let you put it through a blender so you can have the sensation of drinking it. Love the sandwich, trust the sandwich for it will love you back and sacrifice itself for your satisfaction. The sandwich is your friend but alas I hunger. Goodbye sandwich I shall devour you as I will engulf most of those who will come after you. But take pride brave sandwich for though you enter the belly of the sandwich eater you will be remembered as one tasty sandwich. “

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rainbow Pictures

Rainbows are God' gifts to us. They're colorful and beautiful see see. Here are some rainbow pictures that you can watch in the comforts of your room. Enjoy!

Dealing with the Ups and Downs of Married Life

Appreciation is one of the components of Dr. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. People need to be appreciated to help them feel their self-worth.

Your husband is no different from other people. He needs appreciation too, just like anyone else.

Image credit: Cioux Casala

In fact, he might need your appreciation the most. Showing your appreciation need not be grandiose. You can show it through the simple little things you do for him. Here are incredibly simple ways to do this.

 Say Thank You

Say “Thank you,” for any favor he has done for you, no matter how small it is. Say it with a smile and a kiss or a hug.

It does not have to be a huge favor for you to say thank you. As we oftentimes hear people say: “It’s the thought that counts.

Do Sweet Little Things for Him

Being sweet and thoughtful of your spouse is one way of showing your appreciation. Give him a backrub or a massage. Cook his favorite dish. Tuck a love note in his folder. Give him a gift even if there is no occasion.

Couple these with loving actions and you will not only show how much you care, but it would also revive the romance in your marriage.  

Be Lavish with Praise but Stingy with Criticism

No one is perfect not even you, so you must remember to focus on his good points and praising him for them. When you do not have an option but to criticize, then do it in a loving manner. Don’t say, “You’re wrong.” Say instead, “Honey, wouldn't it be good if …”  

Bring Back Romance to Your Marriage

Bringing back romance is also one way of showing he is appreciated. Tell him how much you admire how he works hard for the family and that you are lucky you have him. Bring back the things that you loved to do while you were newly-weds.

You may want to have week-end vacations without the children in your favorite place where you can talk and spend quality time with each other.  

Be a Good Mother to Your Children

By being a good mother to your children you are showing your husband how much you appreciate him for being a good father.

Don’t be shy to say outwardly how much you appreciate his being a responsible father and husband. These are only some ways of expressing your appreciation for your spouse.

You can be creative and devise your own method, because only you know what your husband would appreciate most.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Quotations on Life, Love, Wealth and Education


“To those who have the means to smile even without money, the world can be a paradise. But to those who can't smile even with all the luxuries of money, the world is colder than ice.”
“Rejection teaches us that it is better to be resilient and hope to find a door that will open for us; rather than standing in place and waiting for a door that will never open.”

Image credit: Kristel Erika Banasan/Regine Ballug 
“The world is already full of brilliant people. Sadly it is also full of smart people, who use their intellect to conjure methods by which they can cheat and be above others; treating life as a competition, more than anything else, and straying from their maker. What the world really needs are kindhearted people, who know better than to worship money, vices and all that the devil uses in this world; kindhearted people who know the value of love and charity.”
“Love on command is impossible even if you forced someone to love other people - they can't. Love can only be suggested, you can teach people about how to love other people but in the end, learning how to love is still dependent on the willingness of their heart. In my opinion love is a mix of joy and sacrifice. It is not something I can give because society demands that I do so. Love is the one thing we can never wholly understand but in our heart we know how to do and value. You can trample my pride or drive me through mud I will forgive you. But the moment you betray my love I can only learn to forget you.”
“You never really know who is worthy of your love until you've given it. Any plan you make beforehand has as good a chance at working as it has of blowing up in your face. Sometimes you succeed sometimes you don't. Not giving up is just as valuable as knowing when to quit. To waste your life fighting for a love you cannot have is a waste of your breath, to give up on a love that could have been worth it is nothing but regret. The only true regret is never knowing what could have been if you decide it is impossible even before you try.”
“Sometimes love is like a bar of black chocolate. Bittersweet, makes you crave more with every taste but you know when to stop. Expensive but worth it, you will keep wanting it. Sharing it with someone else doesn't mean they will share it with you when they have and you don't. If you give it all away and leave none for yourself you will suffer until you save up for more. Having too much has consequences, bad for your health. Getting too little doesn't mean you will die. It's a good remedy when you're feeling blue. So always be thankful for the people, who - without strings or words - simply give it to you.”
“My dear I beg you, please be silent, just give it a rest. Don't tell me that love and forgiveness is what's best. You speak as if it was easy to love those who I detest. Because it wasn't you, who was stabbed in the chest.”
“Sometimes hatred is more justifiable and reasonable than love. You love even when you get hurt and refuse to let go even when you should. You love even when it is unrequited because love has driven you mad. Hatred on the other hand is simpler, you hate because someone hurt you deeply. And that pain has left a mark.”
“What is the point of speaking in riddles and making things sound complicated when you can easily simplify it and make yourself understood? Sometimes in trying to make yourself look deep and wise you end up being misunderstood. Speak plainly and you will be understood correctly.”
“Unrequited love breaks the heart. To be rejected dampens the spirit. To be wronged by someone else can shatter the body and mind. To be denied forgiveness wounds the soul.”
“A madman has little to no control over his actions; he is a prisoner of his own mind. A psychopath is free from his mind, humanly logic and reason. He does what pleases him simply because it, to him, is right. Lots of madmen and psychopaths in this world, most of them don't even know it.”
“Sometimes, with the worst situations come the best opportunities. Only those who tirelessly sift through the straw find the golden needle in a haystack.”
“For love to be effective it has to go in both directions, to and from. No matter how much love you pour into someone, if it is unrequited, it will only end in heartbreak. And there are no words that can justify the pain and tears of a broken heart, not even "sorry.”