Saturday, July 25, 2015

Original Quotable Quotes on Love, Education, and Life

By: Lester Taga Capas

“The best way to enjoy eating is to share your food with someone. Not only are you satisfying the hunger in your stomach but the hunger of the spirit to constantly do good to others.”

“I dislike conceited people who think everyone else is below them. Even if their brains were served to me on a golden plate drizzled with olive oil, lined with thyme, white truffles, and a beautifully blended sauce of apples, red wine and beef stock cooked to perfection, with a side dish of red ripe tomatoes and perfectly cooked small slice of steak. I would throw it out and feed it to the flea infested dogs that scavenge through waste cans for food. Before which I would beat it with a shovel like an empty soda can. No matter how you serve trash, it will always be the garbage that it is. Their brain on a plate no matter how garnished is excrement no less. Foul with pride and drenched in the repulsive stench of stupidity. Not even a desperate zombie in dire straits would waste time cracking open their skull to get to the emptiness within.”

“If you reject someone's apology because you are looking for trouble, do not be surprised when you get it.”

“A sincere apology is an admittance of humanity and example of one's strength in spirit. It is in no way a weakness for it is proof that we are responsible and aware of our actions.”
“You can't really expect other people to show the same level of kindness you have given them. But you can always look forward to someone doing worse than what you have done to them, intentional or not.”

“Give someone your heart and they might drop it. Hold it with them and it will be intact even if the other lets go.”

“You can teach a man to carve an artwork from a piece of wood but their work and yours will never be exactly the same. He can never make a piece of art with the same effort that you have put into yours but he may one day hone his skills to exceed yours. Never expect another person to be able to fill in your place the exact same way you did. But you can look forward to them doing better.”

“The foundations of our humanity are built on our ability to help and love others in the name of Charity, conscience and good will. Without which you are something other than human.”
“Just say what you have to say and be careful how you say it. Tell people what you need them to hear not what you think will please them. It is better for you to be honest about a leak you can't fix than have an ugly water bill after.”

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