Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quotable Quotes about Life, Love, and Humanity

Quotable Quotes by: LESTER TAGA CAPAS

“People who point out your natural imperfections are overlooking your maker's efforts to make you special.” 

“Ignore the empty headed imbeciles who are never satisfied with you regardless of your efforts. They, who are blind to your hard work, do not deserve your company.” 

“People who remember when they are wronged but ignore when they are loved just have trust issues.” 

“I pity the kid whose parents never allowed the child to play in the rain every once in a while. You may fear for the child's safety but don't let that get in the way of the kid having a happy childhood, everyone deserves the simple joys in life.” 

“To force an orchid to bloom is to sentence it to an early withering. Because of the use of fertilizers, the bottom flowers are dying even before the top can bloom. The flowers were big and healthy, but inside they lacked the strength they would have gotten more nurturing time. Same thing can happen to a person. If you force them to bloom they will likely have weak and wavering foundations.” 

“Don't wear out the people who love you whether or not the sun is shining. These are the people who will do everything they can to keep you warm in the rain.” 

“To be hurt by a stranger is no more lasting or superficial than the wound. To be hurt by someone you love pierces straight through the heart, and whether or not they help you mend determines much of how long the pain will last.” 

“Sometimes you just have to open your mouth as wide as you can and take in as much air as possible before letting it out. Just don't keep it open too long. Jaw pain is never pretty.” 

“Man and all his knowledge and ingenuity can never make anything without the materials the lord has already made.” 

“The sandwich will never speak ill of you, it will never betray you for it is loyal and unwavering. Treat the sandwich with care and it will satisfy your hunger not thirst. You can't drink a sandwich. But the sandwich will definitely let you put it through a blender so you can have the sensation of drinking it. Love the sandwich, trust the sandwich for it will love you back and sacrifice itself for your satisfaction. The sandwich is your friend but alas I hunger. Goodbye sandwich I shall devour you as I will engulf most of those who will come after you. But take pride brave sandwich for though you enter the belly of the sandwich eater you will be remembered as one tasty sandwich. “

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