Saturday, May 16, 2015

Valentines Day Heartwarming Story

By: Lester Parlade

"What do you think she would prefer mother? Red or white roses?"

He looks at his mother who is busy cooking. She is slightly surprised that he even bothered asking.

She takes a sip from the soup and looks up in a thinking position she puts her arms over each other. "What kind of girl is she?"

He scratches his head "Mature actually".

His mother laughs amusedly.

"Give her white roses, give her red roses they're both just flowers, she'll probably look for chocolate" She laughs.

His mother continues cooking not even remembering the date. Though she did slightly remember Valentine's Day is over.

She quickly drops the thought and grabs the broom to sweep her already clean kitchen floor. His son asks her for a kiss before he heads out.

"Make sure you don't spend too much dear" She says as he walks out the door.

As she sweeps the dirt towards the outside of the door and looks out she hears her neighbor greeting her mother happy mother's day.

With a little jealousy she says "Mother's day and he's out courting, he had better give me grandchildren with good memories one day!"

Looking at the pot she remembers “He left without eating! Wha!"

She calls her son on the phone "Why didn't you eat before leaving?"

Her son only tells her he'll be back shortly.

But he takes some time.

She sits at the table and as her youngest child eats "Mom aren't you going to eat?"

"Honey you go ahead while I wait for your brother, I want to make sure his food is still warm when he gets back, children these days keep forgetting to take care of themselves."

Meanwhile, her son accompanied by a friend head to the mall in search of flowers they could have purchased from a street vendor for a cheaper price.

He sees a child seated at the wall of the overpass going to the mall and searches his pocket for a coin. "Here you go little kid, buy yourself some candy".

But the child doesn't answer and simply looks down with melancholy. "Why did you even bother" his friend asked.

 He turned towards his friend with a simple smile “Who knows? In the next life I might be the little bigger and he the guy with extra coins in his pocket.

Perhaps he'll return the favor?" His friend looks on puzzled "Really??" "Of course not, though it may be possible, it is simply what I think would help".

Before they reach the mall, an old lady sitting at the base of the overpass calls out to them “My flowers are cheaper and fresh, I grew them myself."

He looks carefully at the lady's squatted position and notices that she doesn't have one leg.

Without another word he bought all her flowers and let her keep the change.

She thanked him with a kiss to his hand; he turned to leave before it brought him to tears.

"Who are you giving all those flowers to? Those chocolates aren't cheap either."

His friend asked. But he only smiled as they parted ways.

When he got home he took a deep breath.

Knocking at the door he gave his mom the assorted flowers, chocolates and greeted her a happy birthday “Mom I may not remember mother's day but I will never forget, your birthday."

She smiles.

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