Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How Would You Know If Your Man Is For Keeps?

By: Lester Taga Capas

First of all, finding true love is the craziest obstacle course you'll ever experience in life.

There is no real telling if you've found the person who will love you for a lifetime unless you find out for yourself.

But there will always be signs that the person you've found is for keeps or just another almost was.

A person with strong family bonds is more likely to stick it through with you.

Good family familial ties are a strong indicator of good grooming with plenty of family values.

However, this is not absolute, as people can be great at having a family even if they didn't grow up with a good family background.

People who are paranoid or possessive may be for keeps but there's a high chance you won't enjoy it.

Sometimes it's better to choose a cool headed person than someone who frowns every time you're around friends.

People who are too possessive will only dampen the relationship.

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