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I wish I meant something

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By: Ajchtar

If I could prove it to you, is there a chance you’d believe me? If I could somehow make you believe me, would you accept it? I haven’t much to say to you, I know it’s my fault. I don’t have much to offer you; all I can do is hope. I’m not one to make reasons, but you know I’d never hurt you on purpose. Time passes by so slowly, even when it’s been so long. I see how happy you are without me but I will always see you through; I hope you keep it up. I can’t even begin to say how bad it feels to know I mean so little, I’m not even worth your time. I won’t talk back to you, just let it all out.

                You were once so warm to me, now you won’t even look at me.  With ignoring ears you evade me. With judging eyes you bring me down. If I knew how to make it up to you I would. My chest heaves with the pain of this punishment. My eyes burn from the many tears they gave up. I know I should find new friends, but I’m an outcast, unlike you. You had many others, all I had was you. Real friendship is scarce, and I thought you were true. By good times you have friends; through mistakes you see the only ones that are true.
                 Have you ever felt this way? To be shattered when you’re broken, to be laughed at when you’re down. You say I’m a traitor, but what I did was for your own sake. Bad friends will consent you, I tried to help but I lost you. You own yourself and I can’t dictate on how your life should go, I can only hope you’ll listen when I say what I think is right. I didn’t want to see you drunk; you’re too young for that. My methods were wrong; I have faults, could you at least admit yours?

                  You call them friends, do you know what they say when you’re not around? You call me a bastard, but I do things for your sake. It’s a funny thing how people can forget all the good someone has ever done the one time they make a mistake. I was a fool to believe that kindness came like charity, you only proved me wrong. Time has made weaker and with each day my hate grows stronger and my anger burns with the sight of you. I’m not mad at you, In fact I wish I was with you, I hate myself for letting you down and my anger is for anyone that influences you with vices. 

          Even now, I think only of your sake. If you understood what it was to sacrifice then you could have seen I did what I Had to. Now I feel like a rag on the floor, waiting in front of your heart’s door.  I know I mean nothing but I wish that if I was ever anything to you you’d understand that the only reason I did that to you was because I was a true friend. It’s alright, I know you’ll be fine, but I’ll be here if you need me. Sometimes love is a pain, but the even bigger pain is knowing you didn’t do anything to see it through and in your heart you realize you had a chance and that you should never let it go. A True friend is not worth any treasure, they're PRICELESS.

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Advices On How to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back Even When He Is Sick

People are constantly going thru the rigors of day to day life for different reasons. Many are busy making money, not contented for what they already have. You cannot change and turn back the hands of time. If your boyfriend has cancer, you have to accept this fact and work from there. Life goes on and time does not wait for anyone. If he broke up with you, don’t fret. Learn how to make your boyfriend want you back.

He would need more attention, love, care and time. Some men would break-up with their partners so as not to burden their loved ones. If your boyfriend is such person, then you will have to do everything on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back. Who knows? His situation may strengthen the love you have for each other and you don’t have to learn ways about how to make your ex boyfriend want you back.

Medical care

Since you want to take good care of your ex boyfriend, how to make your ex boyfriend want you back would prompt you to learn about medical care and treatment. The first thing for you to do is to research and study all about his illness, history, cause, medical care, treatments, tips, and related topics. You should also visit his doctor to discuss all the things you wanted to know. Ask his doctor about his schedules in treatments, time to take his medicines, food or things that are prohibited, and schedule of visits. How to make your ex boyfriend want you back requires additional effort on your part.

It is important for you to know all about your ex boyfriend’s medication to avoid more risk. Your concern would be a good way of how to make your ex boyfriend want you back. If you want your boyfriend to live longer, you should learn all information about his condition.

Hire a private nurse

You should stay with him any chance you’ve got because cancer patients could feel depressed and could wallow in self-pity, so do not leave your ex boyfriend alone. He is already suffering from tremendous physical pain and being there for him would console him. This is one good method of how to make your ex boyfriend want you back. Your assistance and comfort during his pain attacks would lessen the hardship he is going through because he knows that someone is there for him. This is one way of learning how to make your boyfriend want you back.

Cherish your happy memories together

  • Remind your ex boyfriend to trust and have faith in God through prayers. When he wakes up each morning, say a little prayer and thank God for giving him again a new day. Let him realize by thanking God how lucky he is because of another day of blessings. To learn how to make your ex boyfriend want you back include knowing sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

  • Invite your ex boyfriend to have a picnic in the park or somewhere peaceful where he can breathe fresh air. You can fly a kite with him, take pictures and have heart to heart talks. Let him lay down his head on your lap. Slightly massage his forehead. Know sweet things to say to your boyfriend during times like this and you have learned how to make your ex boyfriend want you back as well.

  • Before your ex boyfriend dies, you should tell him how much you love him as often as you can. How to make your boyfriend want you back is to show him your unconditional love.

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How to get back your ex-boyfriend

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How to get back your ex-boyfriend is not easy especially if your misunderstanding is so great that there seems to be no way around it. But believing that everybody deserves a second chance could give you another shot in getting your ex want you back.

Of course if you were the one who broke up with him, all you have to do is to humble yourself and apologize for your mistake, you would surely get back your ex boyfriend if you have not physically or emotionally harmed him. That’s why remember not to say a word when you’re in the heat of anger because you might regret it eventually.

If he was the one who broke up with you, then it would be a different story. You will have to use an approach that would not be too forward and offensive to him. Majority of men want their women to have a life of their own. They usually avoid the “clingy” type, those who could throttle them with their over concern and protectiveness. They feel their freedom is restricted with a clingy woman, so they would try hard to avoid these types of women.

If you want to get your ex back, here are simple ways on how to get back your ex.

Don’t beg for him to come back to you

Show him that your world does not revolve around him. But don’t go out alone with a man. Go out in groups and show him that you are surviving happily. This would make him think twice of his decision. This is negative psychology.

Re-invent yourself

Go get some haircut and buy a new wardrobe. Re-invent yourself. Make yourself even more beautiful. Be jovial and happy. When he sees you around having the time of your life, he would wonder why he had broken up with you. This is one significant method on how to get back your ex-boyfriend. If you want your ex to want you back, you have to show him that you are not bothered by his absence. If he sees the new you, he will be reminded of why he had wanted you in the first place.

Don’t call him up

Don’t ever call him telling him how you missed him. This would push him farther away. Just go about your daily activity cheerfully and happily. He would realize that he is the one missing out with your break-up and would want you back again.

Don’t get a new boyfriend

This is a no-no. Although, you would not hover over him and shower him with how much you are missing him, you should not get a boyfriend on the rebound. Most men are possessive; they want their girl to be faithful to them only. This is part of their male-ego. If he sees you with another man, then this might drive him farther away because he would think you could easily flip from one relationship to another.

Just by these simple steps, soon, you would notice that he may start “courting” you anew. He would realize that you are a precious gem that anyone would treasure. These are ways on how to get back your ex boyfriend. Learn and apply them, and if you're lucky, then you will get him back. Of course there would be some couples in which these methods could not be used. Find the method that would work for your boyfriend and get him back into your arms.

How to Get Back Your Ex Boyfriend After a Fight

Sometimes, breaking up with your boyfriend seems easy, especially if you were having arguments and you were mad at each other. You can readily forget all those precious moments that both of you had shared just because you were angry and were not able to control yourself. Not knowing that after the fight, you would find desperate ways on how to get your ex boyfriend after a fight.

You can easily make the wrong decisions in the heat of anger. You did not think of what would happen after you have broken up with him. You are now in a panic to learn how to make your boyfriend want you back. What would be the outcome of your decision? The worst part is when you realize that you made a wrong decision and that you truly love him so much and cannot bear living without him. It is normal to commit mistakes because everyone does, but the most important thing is that you have realized your mistake and had aimed to correct it. Now you’re thinking of effective ways on how to get back your ex boyfriend.

Make the first move to contact him

Making the first move is not always bad and not being cheap. You love the person that much so accept the fact that you are going to do all possible things on how to get back your ex boyfriend even if it is hard. Most people would advise you to avoid contact with him, but not all men are alike.

·         You can text him that you are sorry and let him know that you still love him and think of sweet things to say to your boyfriend.

·         You can call him by phone to talk things over. Problems can be solved through proper communication.

·         You can also write him a love letter or love notes thru email and think of cute things to say to your boyfriend

·         . Tell him how sorry you are, and show him that you are eager to do anything about how to get back your ex boyfriend.

Ask favors from him

Do not be shy and do not think twice in asking your ex boyfriend some favors. This is also one simple way of how to make your ex boyfriend want you back because he might think that you still want his presence.

·         Ask your ex boyfriend if you can still be best friends. Let him understand that you are already fond of him for all the things he had done for you before, you have no one to rely on and that you trust nobody else but him. Institute ways on how to get back your ex boyfriend. There are chances that your ex boyfriend will recognize your worth and think how lucky the man who will have you and marry you..

·         Ask him to accompany you to go out such as going to church like both of you used to do. Tell him that he is your peace of mind and you felt safe whenever he is with you.

·         Invite your ex boyfriend over to come into your place or to fetch you like he usually do before. Every time he is around, let him feel you are patient, caring, thoughtful, passionate and all the positive traits on how to get back your ex boyfriend.

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