Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When I was Alone

Image credit: Brian Elevado
From where I stood the sun looked back in sorrow
I was an empty void without thoughts of tomorrow
Behind me were all my goals so meaningless
All my dreams were drowned in bitterness

My blind eyes saw through the gates of eternity
Looking back I saw all my hate and enmity
As I stared into the endless black abyss
I thought of all the things in life I've missed

Remembering all I've done I smiled regretting none
The only wish I had left was that I'd be gone
Ready to jump and as I planned to leave it all
Glowing arms came to stop my endless fall

He gave me orders to keep my life
Through all my wrongs I must stay alive
He gave me eyes that I could see
That the only true problem was with me

He said i had a mind so think right
A heart to stay firm in the absence of light
I had arms not wings to fly

That I may realize that I am still under the love of my maker's sky.

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