Thursday, June 10, 2010

What If ?

What if the sun would never set,
and the night would never end.

What if the world would come to an end,
and you still have some things left undone?

What if I told you, I will be breathing my last today,
that you would soon see the last of me...

Will you forgive all the crazy things I've done in your name?

The answer remains unclear and uncertain.


  1. In Alaska in the summer, the sun never sets. It has to be very disturbing.

    I often ask myself also about what would my love ones think if I were to end my life today. I think that they'd be angry more than sad. Just thinkin'.

    I found out that one of my brothers had a stroke, paralyzing his right side of his body. I spoke to him yesterday and I could barely understood what he was saying. His words were mostly slurred.

    Take care,

  2. Hello Tasha,

    Yes, the Polar Night and the Midnight Sun in North Cape. amazing phenomenon.

    There were 2 ER cases too in my neck of the woods, and not feeling well myself. I do hope your brother gets better. I'm praying for everyone. Do take care of yourself. Hugs.

  3. awww, you made me sad...
    id rather not know the answers...

  4. Hi Dinah,

    Long time no are you? TC.

  5. Hello Joan,

    Thanks for the visit. I appreciate it. Have not been visiting blogs lately. I'll do it this weekend. regards.

  6. As the old saying goes: if IF was a 5th, we'd all be drunk!

  7. This is full of emotion, just lovely.

  8. Thanks, how is our schooling going on? I know you are doing fine. Good luck.

  9. Thought-provoking...

    Hi Jen, we're good, thank God! How are you? Long time na nga. :) Ngayon ko lang nabasa the comment that you left in my blog more than a week ago ata.

    Take good care and have a lovely weekend!

  10. Hello Dee,

    Glad to see you here. Doing fine too as well. Hope to meet you in one of our bloggers' get together parties.

  11. If the sun never set, I think that I would go mad. I have photos of a sunset in Anchorage; rather, I have photos of what I call "the sun circling the drain around 11:30 PM, as seen from the Anchorage airport." You'd think so much sunlight would be invigorating, wouldn't you? It's just weird. I craved darkness.

    That said, I'm not sure I'd feel any differently about 20 hours of darkness and four hours of tepid twilight, either.

    Balance is good.

    Joy and sorrow; youth and age; sickness and health; life and death.

    Then again, being filthy rich all the time might be fun - if you didn't TELL everybody.

    In any case, don't die on us today, okay? Forgiveness? Who knows. But your friends would miss you.


    Off topic, but did you ever get a captcha code that you were just dying to enter into the lexicon? The word of the day is "shnoch." Use it in a sentence. :)

  12. Hi Weez,

    That's a good one, lol. It's like if dreams were horses, we'd all be rich...

  13. Hi Holly,

    Indeed, balance is good. I'm a Libran and I love balance.

    I won't die today, I still have many things in my bucket list like skydiving in Texas...he he he...The three of us, Doc Z, you and I will have to fulfill that wish first.

    True friends will forgive...I guess?

    And about the captcha code, do you know it came up with your name one time? yes! and the word "shnoch" is a cross between ....can I mention it here? lol...anyway. here is my sentence.

    The shnoch of Mrs. Shnoch needs to be douched....he he he....

    Take care and hugs.

  14. P.S. Are you serious? If it comes up with my name, ever again - get a screen capture! That's hilarious!

  15. Oh, that's just the high-falutin' way of saying it, Jen (is "high-falutin'" akin to your term, "nosebleed"?)

    Here's mine: His mama caught him looking at hootchie-cootchie snatch and shnoched him right in the snootch.

  16. Oh - and the new word is "ingluot."

    Speaking the native language for weeks on end had rendered him ingluot to all but the natives, and even they could not always understand his babble.

  17. instead of asking 'what if' i asked, 'why can't it be?'

    why can't it be finished now, so the pain won't linger?

    nice poem Jena

    unanswered questions... we have lots of them ;)

  18. haha! how did you know I was here, Holly?!

  19. Because, Roy, I subscribe to the blog, and when I make a comment, I subscribe to the follow-up comments. ;)

    Now I KNOW I'm tired - I just gave away the spooky woowoo.

  20. Hi Roy,

    Indeed, you can compose well. Write one too. Thanks Holly and Roy.

  21. which reminds me, I haven't guest posted here for quite a while. will you accept a new one?

    i'll send something unpublished. actually, i'll just start writing it... if i can think of a good subject :)

  22. Hi Holly,

    Eeyore? that's from Winnie the Pooh? I'm really a dumb a_ _ in this

    By the way "singlot" is a tagalog word meaning, maudlin because of intoxication.

    I still have to post the award...this weekend TC

  23. Hello Roy,

    Wow! That would be great. I look forward to it. Thanks.