Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Welcoming Arms of the Ocean

Deep, mysterious, enchanting;

plaintive cry in the arms of Morpheus.

What calm would it be to give in

amidst the fathomless depths,

dark, abysmal, wallowing;

hollow words in the bottom of despair.

How tempting to let go of the lifeboat;

be lost in the hypnotic, azure blue.

Let go and rest amongst the aged rocks.

Be part of the calm, harmless current,

where underneath nothing matters,

but a welcomed sleep of death.

Photo by: DavidK-Oregon's photostream


  1. You made giving in to fathomless depths sound positively captivating. We're supposed to see the light and all that. But the welcoming arms of the ocean might just as well be it. It's seductive and intimate.

  2. Thanks Jan, Coming from you, I do appreciate it. now I don't want to be in those fathomless depths...he he he...

    I can't wait to read your next post...

  3. This reminds me of the 149th century traditionalists who in my opinion were the master of poetry. The words, imagery and style depict the true essence of pure poetic verse.

  4. So, so sad...yet strangely, not.

    As a Pisces, I have felt the pull of the ocean's embrace. How easy, indeed, to slip below the rhythmic current, enveloped in the cool waters of earth's womb?

  5. Hello Joan,

    I love those poets and I consider your comment a compliment. Thanks. Perhaps because of my age? lol..

    I still feel more comfortable with this style.

    Best regards.

  6. Hi Holly,

    Yes, it is very easy. It's the coward's way guess I'm trying to be brave for the sake of other people around

    Don't think about the implications of what I'm saying, just trying to give a valid rationale for the poem..he he he..

    The scenario is farthest from my mind.

    "enveloped in the cool waters of earth's womb" is a good addition to the lines. Thanks.TC

  7. a different approach and type of poetry! very nice!

  8. Hi Ever,

    Thanks. Your poetry is great too, you should compose more poems. TC

  9. This is nice....what is unfathomable for me is the deepness of it that only reflects God's masterpiece, love and forgiveness.

    Nice and new layout here....Hey I got an award for u. Grab it from my blog.

  10. Hello Bing,

    Thanks for the award, but I can't enter your type pad blog.

    Take care and God bless.

  11. how nice it would have been to be lost
    and forever not be found
    it would be a great respite
    from the restlessness that abound

    tell where I can find this sea
    so I can submerge my misery

    lovely poem jen, just right up my alley. but this one's though is unlike mine. this one sounds positive... and calming


  12. Hello Roy,

    Brilliant! you will have to write your book of poems. It's seamless, like a smooth, gurgling brook flowing downstream.

  13. hahaha! hopefully Jen, that book will come to life sometime soon :)

  14. That was beautiful. You make the urge to give oneself up to the ocean very alluring. The ocean has always had a strange pull for me. In the tide I feel I can see the energies of the earth and the solar system manifested. You poem made me reflect on that feeling.

  15. Hello Franklin,

    Thanks for that beautiful comment. These are flashes of thoughts that sometimes assail us. Best regards.