Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Perched atop the hills,

I scanned the horizon,

willing for you to come back.

Lying in my bed,

I stared at the ceiling,

hoping you’d be there.

God is good, as always.

granted my wish and more.

But why do I have this

empty feeling of loneliness,


Photo by epSos.de


  1. It's not easy isn't it? :) That's when faith comes in. Our life is full of unexpected obstacles and trials. No matter how alone we may feel at times, let us all rest assured that He is always there.

    Maybe we can start by start a conversation with Him. :)

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  2. Hello Ching, thanks for the advice, I know I can do that. This is not really me, it refers to another person.


  3. Ah, very tell tale and poignant. Love this verse.

  4. Thanks Joan, I hope I was able to capture the moment. All the best.

  5. Hi! good friend! God bless you! Your poem is very nice. Miss yah!

  6. I thought this was your poem...who's this poem?

  7. Hi Mathe,

    Kumusta ka na? Nice of you to drop by. I'm good. Sana magkita tayo paguwi uli.

  8. Hello Bing,

    I wrote this poem but the experience is from a friend not mine. How are you?

  9. I'm very happy that jena is OK now! :) I love the content of the poem, I'm often alone and I'm glad that the world has lots of people to relieve us of our lonely states,I finally met your daughter today! you're right! she does look the same as she did before! tc jena! :)

  10. Hi Aj,

    Yes, she does look young. She's the prettiest girl for me. Thanks and TC too.

  11. unfortunately for me, my mother can't say the same about me though..lol!:) i just love howdeep you get jena! :)

  12. he he he, how deep I am? can someone send me a Greek dictionary? I'm lost here....lol...kidding. I take that as a compliment. Thanks.

  13. Beautiful, Jena.

    Did you write this about me? It decribes what I'm feeling right now.


  14. Lol, Tasha, really? you've initiated the flames of curiosity...now I want to ask why?

    Take care.

  15. Unendingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your moments of doubt. Peace.

  16. tblogosphere is wide enough for almost anyone to get lost.....unless you click the button labeled "back"..lol! tc jena!!:)

  17. Loneliness comes in many forms, some when we are surrounded by many. I love how words can convey a feeling that is so very different for all who read them. I had to reread the lines 'God is good, as always. granted my wish and more.' This leads me to thoughts of a very ill loved one who has recently passed. Then again, it could be the letting go of a child who has grown and moved away from home. Maybe this doesn't fit with the 'Lying in my bed' line, but the 'hoping you'd be there' could just refer to the home in a general sense. See how you made me think. =)

  18. Great Poem Jena,

    I really admire your style and how you create your poems. (Aside from Doc Z). I really wish I could be creative like you guys.

    Jhong Medina

  19. Hello Jhong,

    Doc Z is the poet, I just moonlight every now and then.lol.


  20. Oh what a sad poem. I hope whoever wrote this doesn't feel that lonely anymore.

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    Thanks so much!

  21. I stared at the ceiling hoping you'd be there."

    What do you think of me? Batman?! Goodness gracious, Jen. :)

    We look well, we sound well. But that's the big picture, isn't it? The world doesn't know the implosions inside us. Loneliness does that, and yet strangely enough solitude makes us deal with it with more grace and hopefully - wisdom.

  22. Hi Damien,

    Thanks for the visit. Hope you're doing finr.

  23. Hello Jan,

    He he he...I thought you were Superman... I'm still waiting for your post...TC.