Thursday, November 5, 2009

Memoir About Genuine Friendship

I oftentimes hear people talking about dogs as their best friends. I could only respond to them half -heartedly, as I did not yet have a first hand experience regarding the matter. But now that I had experienced it, then I could truly say that dogs are indeed, the most faithful friends one could ever encounter. This is the story of my dog- Piper.

Photo by: Nikes Alviz

Piper had been brought home by my husband when she was just several days old. Even then, she was so impish and unruly. She would run around the yard non-stop; toppled everything blocking her path, and bit strange looking things into Kingdom come.

I was irritated at first because of how she was turning the house upside down, so I decided to tie her up. She refused to be restrained, of course, and did all she could to get out of her imprisonment. I had no option but to set her free. By then I was starting to like her cute antics. Perhaps she could be a good pet and so I named her Piper. Yes, after the lovely lady - Piper of the TV series - Charmed!

When I arrived home from work, she would rub her body against my feet and wagged her flurry tail, wanting to be cuddled. There were times that my husband and son were out, so I had to bathe her and feed her myself.

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  1. Heartwarming story, Jen. I love it. How many years was this? I bet if this happened now we'd be seeing Piper featured in what do you call that site? Friendster for dogs something?

  2. Wow, Piper is so cute. I love dogs unfortunately I can't have one here living in a condo where animals/pets are prohibited.

  3. Hi Jan,

    That was way back 1995, parang eons ago na...he he he...Thanks.

  4. Hi Bingkee,

    Sosyal, he he he...Si Puti iyan . I was not able to get pictures of Piper.