Tuesday, September 22, 2009


By: Elmot

I saw dancing, sheep
Of puffy irregular whites;
Running, playing, and changing
Shapes with the summer sun.

They run and catch
Each other’s tails,
bump and mate each other’s wool.

Others sleep in the curving
Corner of velvet farm,
Their colors I wonder is
Not of perfect white?
Theirs’ are sleeping colors
Puffy ash?

Then, sheep started to feast
On velvet and changing grass,
They stop, and eat and gently hop;
Till the farm in blowing wind concealed.

All these innocent puffy sheep ate
The changing velvet grass;
Through blowing wind,
Herded happily changing,
To sleep in the edge
of the velvet farmland.


Elmot is the prolific and dynamic writer behind three blogs namely:

PinoySoundingBoard: Commentaries on Socio-Political Issues,
Ani-Mo!: Elmot's Whatever Blog and
Gaudencio Diaz: My Poetry Blog

He is a jovial and cheerful soul, you'd be surprised to find out that he discusses serious socio-economic problems and concerns in his blog.

Read his latest post on the May 2010 Election Concerns: An Online Interview with Mr. James Jimenez

"My Blog is my alter-ego, the online me: where I share some of my rants, senseless commentaries on everything I see, hear and smell..." he says this of his blog.

He is also an incredibly versatile poet who could shift easily from composing an erotic poem to a pristine, virginal poem like this one.

Thanks Elmot for accepting my invitation for a guest post, and for this refreshing and invigorating poem.

Photo by Tumble Fish Studio


  1. Love the mood this poem evokes. It lilts, it lifts the spirit. Is it me or the poem addresses the playful inner me I've long since buried in a pathetic try to be "serious?"

    Set it to music and I'd likely find myself skipping a step in what passes for dancing. Ahehehe.

  2. Wow, number 1 ka Jan. Oo nga, I was pleasantly surprised too when I read it. I was expecting another sizzling poem similar to that one in your blog. he he he.

    Alam din pala ni Elmot which poem to send me. Versatility is his name of the game. Thanks Elmot, and thanks Jan.

  3. ah, poems! when shall i write one of these again?

  4. @Jen: I was a bit worried yesterday when Bro asked me to hunt a poem in his poetry blog. Uh-oh, I thought - images of curvaceous bells still ringing in my ears. lols

    But Elmot is very versatile. Wasted my time worrying.

  5. @jan geronimo: Thanks bro for that wonderful comment. See, I told you that this poem is virginal, ehehe! I would not put a guest post here on Mam Jena's blog something so erotic that would make people wonder if her blog has become the online version of FHM's ladies confession eheheh!

    Congrats, numero una ka bro!

    I love this scene...pristine and inner peace. nature...

  6. @Mam Jena: Salamat po muli sa pag imbita sa pag-guest post dito, maski medyo natagalan ehehe!

    Sympre, nahihiya naman po ako sa inyo, baka maexcommunicate ako kapag erotic poem na naman ang i-guest post ko eheheh!

    Baka maging akala ng mga tao sakin na tuloy ay the libido-made-flesh ehehehhe!

  7. @novz: yeah, you should write once again some poetry bro. Excited na kmi mabasa ang poems mo....

  8. Elmot,

    I was not really worried, I know that you would compose something different this time, and how I love this poem.

    It's the exact opposite of your poem in Jan's blog. At least, alam na ng mga readers na wholesome ka talaga.

    Kidding aside, your poem at Jan's blog is sensuous/erotic but hindi naman siya garapal. It was done in good taste.

    Thanks again and congrats for being such a versatile poet.

  9. Why do I have this urge to buy cotton candies and devour each sheep shape and taste their wools? ;)

    This poem is a gourmet bro elmot! Satisfied my inner wolf. Awooo!


    The talented elmot struck again! You caught his essence in the description. Great feature post!


  10. This poem has a dreamy, playful, imaginative feel to it. Well done, Elmot. I love puffy white cloud-sheep.

  11. "Others sleep in the curving
    Corner of velvet farm,
    Their colors I wonder is
    Not of perfect white?
    Theirs’ are sleeping colors
    Puffy ash?"

    I love this part. Beautiful wordings!

  12. Elmot, where are you? You must respond to the Doctor-poets comment.

    Hi Doc Z, yes this is a great poem indeed. Brings out the other elmot.

  13. Hi Holly,

    At first I thought these were real sheeps...lol... Elmot's imagination is intensive and extensive...


  14. Hi Khaye,

    Long time no see.

    Elmot, your "puffy whites" are bringing in the writers in our neck of the woods.

  15. Yes Dee, you just want to close your eyes and be swept by the sheer pureness of it all.

  16. aba, si elmot naga poem poem...nice..10 points for this..:)

    very talentado talaga si elmot! he he he.;)

  17. Very nice poem. Makes me think of those beautiful days I've spent laying in the sun looking up and realizing just how amazingly awesome clouds really are. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Ever,

    Nabasa mo na rin. Revelation ano? You should have read his poem at Jan's blog. Pan lalaki talaga. Nakakalalaki pala...he he he..Naku , maganda ang ibig kung sabihin diyan ha, di negative. Mabuhay Ka.

  19. Hi Roschelle,

    It reminded me too of those relaxing and rejuvenating times. Happy blog hopping. Cheers.

  20. @Doc Z: hahhaha! I was also thinking of maybe placing a cotton candy pic instead of those clouds eheheh!

    Thanks for the nice words Doc...It is only now that I came back here, the rainy days really swept me away from the internet

  21. @Holly: Thanks Holly! When I made this poem, I wanted it to playful. Irony is, we don't have any sheep here in the Philippines, which I think added up to the playfulness in imagination.

  22. @Kaye: thanks for the compliment! I really appreciate it. I tried to portray the beautiful setting of the sun through this poem with playfulness.

  23. @Dee: I wanted to sleep too after reading the finished product. eheheh!

    Thanks Dee. I am glad this poem brought you a soothing and relaxing feeling.

  24. @ever: Wahahha! laki kasi ako sa gatas ng cow eh, kaya medyo nabigyan ng talento sa pagsulat ng tula bro eheheh!

  25. @Roschelle: Whenever I am rereading this poem, it evokes that experience when I just spent the whole day back in our province laying my back against the grass and looking up the sky to be amazed by the beautiful clouds.

  26. It's like pillow stuffing with lovely imagery and word painting. Sorry to be stranger Jena. School is keeping me busy.

  27. I love your imagery, Elmot! Makes me want to sit back on some grass and see what you see.