Monday, August 17, 2009


By: RRchard

When I was born I thought I was different,
After a few years I found out everyone is different.
When I started playing with others I thought I should always win because I’m the best,
But after some games I realized that winning doesn’t matter as long as you enjoyed the game.

When I first went to church I thought I should go because my family does so,
But after some time I realized that even if I don’t attend, those who love God will still attend
After graduating from the elementary I thought studying was just part of life,
But after graduating from College, I found out that learning is part of life’s necessities.

When I started working I thought that it is a must because I need to earn for a living,
After a few years, I realized that working means helping others achieve their goals.
Recently I thought that talking to people - especially co-workers - is just part of life,
Lately I realized it is part of our journey towards deciphering what life really is.

When I had a girlfriend I thought that it was just for company,
But after a few years I recognized that is just the beginning of a lifelong friendship.
When I married I thought I found a wife,
But as years passed I realized that I took in someone to serve.

After years passed I thought I’m starting to lose my identity as a husband,
But instead became a father to whom my children and wife rely on.
More than ten years has passed and at one time I felt that I have lost my wife,
But upon examination, found out that she became a mother not only to my kids but to me as well.

Hope that as time passes by, God would continue to reveal more about life to me,
As I struggle to retain my identity, dignity and honor.
Now I know that time is indeed short and limited,
But hope that each moment spent would matter not only to me, but also to my family and friends…

But most of all to the Lord God Almighty, my creator, redeemer and friend.

August 15, 2009, 8:36 pm


RRchard is young man of 35 occupying one of the junior positions in the academe. He's witty, fun to be with and one of the most intelligent persons I have ever met. He may dazzle you with his cognitive ability but he could also whip a joke or two in a jiffy.

He has only composed three poems in his lifetime, (for whom? - I could not reveal). This is the third one, so you must realize by now that his poems are like translucent shooting stars in the starless night; you'll never know, when you'll be able to witness their splendor again.

Read this soulful poem and bask in its meaning ... another poet is unveiled!

Let's all welcome RRchard to the blogosphere!

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  1. Very thought-provoking analysis of life's meaning. And, it appears that RRichard has learned its true.


  2. I have encountered a similar style in poetry from Strawberry Girl and like hers, this one is really good.

    There are genuine and heartfelt emotions in the lines. A different take on the subject and a style that is his own.

    Good luck RRichard with your writing endeavors. Keep writing. Write about anything.

    Will be looking forward to read more. i.e. when you decide to make more. hehehe


  3. "After a few years I found out everyone is different."

    I found this similar to a true yet somewhat ironic statement = "We're all unique, just like everyone else." Heheh.

    Life really is a journey. And change is inevitable during its course -

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. so this is the most awaited poem... well, it's worth the wait ;)

    my favorite part?

    "More than ten years has passed and at one time I felt that I have lost my wife,
    But upon examination, found out that she became a mother not only to my kids but to me as well."

    these poems should come out more often ;)

  5. Hi Tasha,

    Yes, aren't the verses a tribute to his family?

    Thought-provoking indeed.

  6. Hi Z,

    Now you have another poet-buddy. I know poets talk in a vocabulary all their own.

    This is indeed good, and I agree , a unique style all his own. Thanks for the comment, doc poet.

  7. Hi Roy,

    Yes, that;s my favorite part too. It is a line that expresses the realization that the "self-one" becomes the "we-family".

    Great wisdom indeed!

    Thanks Roy.

  8. If RRchard could react to your comments then that would be wonderful.

    Paging RRchard...

  9. RRichard, I love what you are saying here about identity and how we don't lose ourselves as we grow and become one with our spouse and kids. We become more than we were, and more than the sum of our parts. Our roles change, we grow, and it's good.

  10. This poem was actually an eye opener and really taught me about life. And God will reveal things as life goes on. Very thoughtful poem.

  11. Very thoughtful poem, RRichard. Very introspective - love it. I arrive here feeling hyper. Well, you know how it is in the internet. Feels like a dog chasing its own tail. But your poem slows me down and compels me to read it line by line.

    Your poem invigorates my tired and listless soul, Richard. Write some more. You have it in you, this poetic sensibility.

    Thanks for this.

  12. Wow! I am speechless. Now I'm wondering if my husband feels the same about me.

  13. That's a very good read. Keep them comming, RRchard.

  14. para akong nagbabasa ng thoughts ni doc z...mapapahuwaw ka sa pagbabasa.

    pero avid fan ako ni jena.:)

  15. I think that's what life is - it is always better than we think.

    Loved it, so much!ü

  16. Hi Holly,

    I interpreted is as growth too, within- gravitating towards others, and it's wonderful realization.

    Paging RRchard... what say you?

  17. Hi ShawnD,

    It is an eye-opener for us all. Our roles change as we grow older and become "wiser."

  18. Hi Dee,

    It's life's journey and story in all its splendor!

  19. Hi Jan,

    The Master has arrived. A blessing from him is worth a cup of gold.

    RRchard, if Jan says this, then you do have to keep on writing.

    Writing would invigorate you too just as what reading your poem has done to all of us.

  20. Hi Luke,

    I keep saying that to him- keep them coming.

  21. Hi Ever,

    He he he ikaw talaga. Fan mo rin ako. Para ngang Doc Z din.

    I hope he gets to read all your comments and reply to them.

  22. After years passed I thought I’m starting to lose my identity as a husband,
    But instead became a father to whom my children and wife rely on.
    More than ten years has passed and at one time I felt that I have lost my wife,
    But upon examination, found out that she became a mother not only to my kids but to me as well.

    I have to quote this... really, it's my favorite...

    I can't think of any better words to show much appreciation to the life that has 'grown into the relationship'

    more than just a husband - a father
    more than just a wife - a mother

    the greatest 'roles' in the world... can there be any better tribute than these lines?

    sadly, few recognizes this... but for those who see it and appreciate it, like RRchard does, they are the happiest

  23. Very well said Roy. Bravo! These are immortal lines which are candidly true and profound.

  24. Wow, nice poem, full of self-introspecting lines and thoughts...

    Maybe you could narrow-down your next project Mam to a poetry book.

    Now I envy all those peepz in here...I would like to submit my own poems here, pwede? eheheh

  25. Hi Elmot,

    Sure. I'll be posting yours next week. Thanks.

  26. Just wondering, Jen. Does Richard have a blog now? It will be great if he gives the matter a serious thought.

    Of course, it helps that I already met him in person. It's always a bonus to have actually met the man behind the blog. Or in his case the man behind his would-be blog - if he hasn't created one yet. :)

  27. Hello Jan,

    Not yet. He's still thinking of a good niche to start in.

    I know eventually. He would be a great blogger, I'm sure.

  28. Wow! That was the most inspiring and thought-provoking poem I've read in a while! You are a great poet! ;-)

  29. Sounds as though you've learned a lot, indeed! Lovely post, I really enjoyed it.

    I agree with what ReyJr said up there. What a disappointment to realize that we are special, but so is everybody else. Or is it really a treasure?