Monday, May 25, 2009

WOOF Top PIcks May 22

Congratulations to all winners, Izzy, Roy, Zorlone and the rest of the group.

WOOF Contest – Top Picks

PoetryDragon Blogger – “A Moment Spend For Me Alone” - Poem about a suicidal person’s last moment.

Christable Anon – “myth” - The myth of life naked in the cold of

December…Zorlone – “Padyak” - “Escape is on thoughts of so many. If they are lucky to know a different life they can dream of it and try to take action. We don’t really know how badly people want to escape until we see that ourselves or live that experience.”-Alexandra GarlandJennifer M

Scott – “Elemental” - I went camping this past weekend and this is what I wrote.

About WritingIzzy Daniels – “Remaining Consistent is Key To good Writing” - Why consistency is important, and how we can go about find ways to set up goals for ourselves to remain consistent.

Script / Short Story
Roy – “The Strongest Link” - A short script I wrote for my son’s classroom presentation.

Jena Isle – “Go Home Yankees” - A story about an uncommon friendship.


  1. Many congrats to to all the winners. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. You have a great blog too with such interesting stories. Hope you had a great week :)

  2. Hello Ailurphile,

    You're welcome and thanks, Happy blog hopping.

  3. Congrats to the winners! :)