Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let's Welcome a New Blogger!

Let’s all welcome to the blogging world my dearest friend from India - Krishna.
He was reluctant at first to create a blog but I prodded him on. I assured him that we are a friendly lot here in the blogging world, and I was able to convince him.

Now he had created his blog: "KRISHNA'S MUSINGS" and had written his first post within 15 minutes. He had to hurry to a significant task. But he promises to attend to blogging eventually.
His first ever topic: "Terrorism in India and Abroad" is a good read (although written in a few minutes).

Why don't you pay him a visit and leave a comment. I am sure this would motivate him to write more of his great thoughts.

Let’s all support a new blogger and welcome him to our exciting world of blogging. Thanks.

Photo by vanessaeducation


  1. Dear jena, you betray a lot warmth by supporting a new blogger and I find it is an good example...
    Happy Blogging

  2. I'll visit her soon. I'm now at work.


  3. Hello Ray,

    Thanks Ray I take that positively,

    Hi Tasha,

    Okay, thanks and have a stress-free day.