Monday, August 6, 2012

The Ultimate Type of Love

Oftentimes, when people speak about love, they refer to romantic love. They often forget that love is a universal language, because love could be experienced by any person from any race, religion or country. Love is also what keeps families, couples, friends, and different races together. Love can be filial, romantic, platonic or agape-love for mankind. No matter what type, these are all categorized under the word love. 
Image credit by: Brye Elevado

Among all these types of love, what do you think is the noblest? Many of you would say that a mother’s love for her child is the most noble of all types. This is because a mother’s love is unconditional. A mother would generously give love to her child- no matter what – without waiting for anything in return. She could even sacrifice her own life for her child’s. You can understand this type of love because a child came forth from the own blood and womb of a mother. 

A stranger sacrificing his life for another; however, is virtually unheard of. Those who die for people they barely knew are called heroes. What about those who died for their so called enemies? Would you die for your enemy? If a person ignores you and doesn’t value you, would you sacrifice your life for him? 

Only one love can do that; there is only one love that could surpass a mother’s love, and sacrifice His life even for those who ignore Him, and that is Jesus Christ’s love. Christ’s love encompasses every person, whether he is a Christian or not, whether he is the enemy or not. If you opt to accept His love, you would find peace and contentment that you have a friend in Him. A friend who is not judgmental, and who has opened His heart to you anytime you want to accept Him. He knows all your imperfections but loves you anyway.

Many people go through life searching for love and happiness, and are never contented even when they achieve fame and gain considerable fortune. If you are one of these unhappy and unloved persons, try accepting Jesus Christ as your friend. Let Him in into your heart, and you would have found the greatest friend who would always be there for you, and who would always love you unconditionally. 

Accepting Him into your life would also open your mind and soul to love other people without conditions. This is because Jesus’ teachings talk about loving everyone, friend or foe - without any conditions; to get rid of discrimination, hatred and greed. What a peaceful and better world it would be if everyone accepts Christ’s love, and love one another as He has commanded.

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