Saturday, August 27, 2011

Free Pictures You Can Use, Dogs

Image by Nikes

Poetry: Missing you

two lovers by the beach

I send this love note for you my love.
Let it fly across the stretch of azure skies.
Let it swim among the deepest reef barriers.
Let it walk along the desert ridges while it dries.

My heart pines for you.
Longs for your loving arms in the night.
Longs for your warm kisses and delights.
Longs for your soothing whispers in the candlelight.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

FREE PICTURE: Prince and Princess

Credit Image: Dia Leonardo

Warrior's Heedless Calls

By: Alberto Lambito 

Like a roller coaster, fast with fury
It waves up and down with its canister wheel
as it  rolls over the iron cast rail.
The sound so deafening, in my eardrums, sick;
The scream of riders in resounding cheers;
and could not hear my cellphone tone.

Far beyond my call cannot be heard.
She put her mobile in silence mode.
The reason she  had made,
that her roommate could be eavesdropping.
The sounds she  makes, she’ll hear.

Just wait and wait,
the time zone would reconcile,
and someday it’s free to call
no barrier, nothing at all.


Alberto Lambito is one of the unsung, and modern heroes  of  the New  Millennium. He has discovered his penchant for  poetry just recently. He has his own style and a particular "play with words" that I have only seen in his heartfelt poems. Let's welcome him to creative writing and put our hands together for ALBERTO LAMBITO.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Love From the Distance


There was love, no where to be found
lost by time, age had surmount,
the love like an iron cast, buried down,
rust leeched at the surface by time.
but inside still solid as new.

Decade past, enduring the adversity of nature,
the element stayed strong, hoping to be polished soon
waiting for someday, to be found by same someone
and by reason of fate, the time had come.

The Fate of time, the surf of the web,
A familiar name, suddenly appeared in the screen
the heart begun to beat so fast,
the first hello, trembled in the key pad,
then yes, the solid cast shone as it surfaced in the sand