Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Tadpole and the Butterfly

This is an anecdote recounted to me by a friend. It is not original, but let me present it via my own perception.

The butterfly saw a forlorn tadpole crying in one corner of the muddy stream, "Do you have a toothache?" she asked the tadpole.

"A toothache? Where did you get that ridiculous idea?" he sniffed, and turned his back at her.

"Because you're crying. Only a toothache could make me cry," she teased.

"I'm glad I don't have teeth like those two-legged creatures," he smirked.

"Then, you should stop crying. It's not the end of the world- whatever it is," the butterfly fluttered her gossamer wings and circled him.

"Because I'm so ugly. I don't have hands. I don't have feet. All I have is this long slimy tail!" he wailed out loud.

The butterfly looked at him quizzically and a smile slowly crept into her proboscis.

"You're so immature," she fluttered her forewings and settled atop a sprig. "You're beautiful. Look inside you and you will see the truth. Soon that truth will be evident, and you'll have your arms and legs, but will you appreciate them?"

The butterfly looked at the tadpole knowingly and then without another word, flapped his beautiful, colorful wings away from him.

Photo by kevincole


  1. Still creating away, Jena Isle?

    That's good. :)

    Sorry I don't get by so often, glad to see you are still doing the good work.


  2. Hi Ken,

    How are you? Thanks for passing by. The book is still being printed. Sorry, for the delay....but you will surely get yours. TC

  3. Hi Masmasika,

    Thanks,good luck and happy blogging.

  4. But ma'am Jena, tadpoles are sort of cute and frogs are, well, sort of gross...

    or it that one of the caveats of this story? I mean you could have chosen a swan or a peacock maybe, but you chose a tadpole that grows into a croaking frog with a long sticky tongue that eats flies.

    Care to share your motivations for making that choice? :)

  5. Hi Rey,

    He he he, that's an interesting point, but there are several things I would like to evoke from this story:

    1. That perception is subjective and our view of things around us reflects our perceptions/thoughts.

    2. That beauty is subjective. The tadpole is beautiful for you, but beauty for me is being useful, having hands and feet to use, but then, again, it is also all a matter of perception. The tadpole may not have feet and hands but he can swim like a fish. So, was also referring to acceptance and being happy of what we have. Isn't the grass always greener at the other side of the fence? lol.(even when it is not the case)

    3. I was thinking also of trusting in the omnipotent Being, that everything will turn out well; of the fact that there is hope for everyone. That we can be transformed from something "ugly" to something beautiful.

    4. To listen to someone(butterfly) who have been there, would help us a lot in our journey.

    I still have many hidden meanings that I know some can derive from the anecdote. What about you? iyon lang ba ang conclusion mo? I would like to know more about your thoughts. Thanks for dropping by. Medyo toxic kasi ngayon, pero, I'll do my rounds soon.

  6. Haven't heard this story before. It's beautiful.


  7. Hello Tasha,

    Thanks, I like it too. TC.

  8. Inspiring story.. keep moving forward..

  9. Hi Emma and Fria,

    Thanks. Enjoy.