Saturday, October 5, 2013

How to Express Yourself: When You're Young: Express Yourself, Before It's too Late

By: Lester Nang Dinuguan
"Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish"- Albert Einstein.

"When you're young and you're in love, you'd think it was the end of the world when the person you love rejects you, especially when you think that person is the one." I find that often true. To be young with many dreams, to be full of hope, to be full of love to give. How do people age into cranky shells of their former selves? Time, a lot of time, when you're young you often don't know what you want, until you're old enough to regret not having sought after it when you had the time.

People change, you can experience great joy that will lead to your contentment as time goes by. On the other hand, you may also experience things that not only dampen, but crush your spirit and take any trace of hope you have. When you're young you think everyone is against you and that you're being singled out, even if they only want the best for you. But who's to blame? What you see right now may not be as worth as you used to think it was. People can only advise, no one can dictate your destiny, it's all up to you.

Some people have high hopes and big dreams but without the power to do so. When you're young and have everything you wished you could have do you ever foresee tough times to come? When you're old, tired feeling helpless and robbed, do you blame yourself when you were young? Or do you waste time on pointing fingers? There is always a choice, but when you're young things get blurry and the roads seem ever misty even when the goal is clear.

When you're young you tend to blame other people for your failures, but who doesn't? when you're old but successful, do you ever look back to the time when you were young? did you struggle? Or were you fortunate enough to be born with a golden spoon? When you're young and struggling, you want success and simple joys, you want a happy family and a good job, a smile to greet you everyday. But when you've finally met your goals pray the old feeling does not fade away. Sometimes we get too much heaven that we don't realize that we're in heaven.

Sometimes we're way up in the clouds that we forget how it's like to have our feet on the ground. When you're young you want to help everybody and wish you had super-powers. Then older people tell you that what you believe in is none-sense. you listen and forget what it means to dream and believe in miracles. You think only of what's rational and FORGET that a MIRACLE MADE YOU. You even question he who made you. When you're young you're full of smiles without a care in the world. Then comes your duties and obligations and you forget what a smile truly means.

When you're young play around and you get hurt, regardless of how long you cry and feel the pain, you will always want to play again. age shouldn't be a factor in vigor and perseverance. don't let the weight of your physical body drag down the strength of your spirit. When you're young you pray to God as you wake, before you sleep, before you eat and just about every time you get a chance even when you don't understand him. You grow up you forget to pray and you say he understands you for not going to church because you're busy.

When you're dying you realize how foolish you were to forget the one entity who would never forsake you. When you're young you love unconditionally although you have a strong sense of self love you have the urge to love others nonetheless. You grow up and grow cold you forget what it means to love other people and yourself. Although you can still love unconditionally and selflessly, would you have the same spirit as you did back then? You think you're bigger than everyone else who are mature enough to admit when they're wrong?

Keep laughing because society will laugh back at you, growing cold is not becoming mature, it's withering, becoming a shell too obsolete to put in a shelf, not even good enough to remember. When you're young you forgive and forget, when you're old you learn to bear grudges and hate. When you're young you'd do just about anything for what you want but slowly learn right from wrong.

When you're old knowing right and wrong you often disregard what is wrong to get what you want. When you're young and you love you over flow. When you're old you think you're too old for it and believe wisdom keeps you from such rash decisions as learning to love again. Such wisdom is wasted on the pretentious, you can outgrow your toys but you should never outgrow love.

When you're young you're scared of sin, when you grow older, yo have vices and you blame the lord when you get sick. Oh, please, don't waste your time. The lord didn't create the elements for you to abuse and get cancer or any other vice related disease.

When you're young and appreciative you learn to say thank you at the smallest things, when you're old you forget those small things, those small words that could mean the world to other people. when was the last time you said "thank you" and meant it?

When is the last time you said sorry with a tear in your eye and never did it again? When was the last time you prayed just so you could thank god? When was the last time you told someone you love them just because you did? If that's what you call maturity you are mistaken, it's called ingratitude and rudeness, it is also called pitiful.

When you're young you are devoted, when you grow old, make sure you mature right. Maturation is not outgrowing the basic acts of kindness and love, maturation is finding better ways to do them! I am ending this with a thought I recall from the past "You can't enter heaven if you don't have the innocence of a child".